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Food Kickstarter Projects That Are Too Good To Miss

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Food Kickstarter

If you’re like me you’ve backed and funded many kickstarter projects. Some have turned out to be terrible, some have been awesome. Well, we want to know your opinions on the hottest and most ‘must have’ projects going on right now.

Submit and vote for your favourites down below.

Submit a picture at the bottom of the list of the Kickstarter product, company logo or perhaps a picture from their look-book and write a short description of why you love this project.

#1 Surefire Wellness’ Vitality Greens Superfood – Drink

Surefire Wellness' Vitality Greens Superfood - Drink

Surefire Wellness' Vitality Greens Superfood is packed with 50 whole food ingredients scientifically proven to improve your health from the inside out!

With many extraordinary nutrients not commonly found in other green drinks today, our product sets itself apart. We have gone above and beyond to ensure a delicious and refreshing lemon-lime taste with absolutely NO artificial sweeteners/ingredients!

One scoop a day packs ingredients known to:

Help provide natural sustainable energy Help manage stress, anxiety and depression Reduce inflammation Provide anti-aging benefits Increase libidoImprove sleepProvide anti-oxidants to help prevent illness and diseaseImprove mental clarity and focus and so much more!

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    • Thank you for your support! Please click on the link above to order yours today. We are extremely confident you will love our product and the amazing benefits you receive from it!!!

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#2 The Mini Mobile Bakery – Sassy Pants Sweets & Treats

The Mini Mobile Bakery - Sassy Pants Sweets & Treats

Sassy Pants Sweets & Treats is a custom bakery named after our micro-preemie daughter and started as a hobby to help contribute to the household. With the help of social media and amazing friends/family, we far exceeded our expectations!!  Within months, we were licensed, insured, and going legit.  We travel to various events (such as comicons) and are lovingly known as "The Nerdy Candy Company" with our novelties such as superhero chocolates and cookies. (We make other novelties, too, but I don't want to infringe on copyrights! 😀 )

The Mini Mobile Bakery Kickstarter

The Mini Mobile Bakery was a concept given to us by a fellow family business. When we get fully funded, our mini bakery will have 1-2 heating elements to make chocolate/caramel/candy, etc., a mini convection oven to bake on site, a mini fridge to keep things cool, plus ample storage inside the cart. When we are ready to leave an event, all of these items will fit perfectly back in the cart, so we can literally roll out the door!  We will have the same type of health permit as a food truck, but we are compact enough to literally go through a typical doorway and set up with a 120V plug!  The cart will be completely customized to our needs and give us the ability to prep, prepare, and serve fresh baked goods directly from the cart!  This opens us up to set up for weddings, farmer's markets, fundraising events, or even the novelty of having fresh desserts for any event!

We would love to be able to have our cart up and running for our Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Strawberry Extravaganza, and that's completely contingent on getting fully backed on our kickstarter!

We will be hosting a #CookingAMA and will be answering questions LIVE on Monday, January 15, 2018 at 8 PM EST.  #CookingAMA

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#3 The Millennial Cookbook

The Millennial Cookbook

The Millennial Cookbook is an underappreciated, hard done by hardcover recipe book made by millennials, for millennials. Each recipe uses a handful of cheap and easy to find ingredients and takes next to no time to whip together.

We are a group of millennials much like you, who had no idea when it came to cooking and all that other adult stuff. It took us moving out to realize that it was no longer possible to simply eat out all the time and we no longer had our trusty parents to pull something together for us to consume every night.

As millennials, we wanted something fast and with as little effort as possible but at the same time were not about to eat two-minute noodles every night (although how nice would that be). Anyways we decided we needed some proper nutrition in our lives, more than a two-minute noodle diet could provide. So we set out creating our grand idea!

We spent countless nights and many hours trying a whole bunch of recipes (and by 'trying' we mean mostly failing) and not to mention the money on the ingredients (we did do a little shopping in our parent's pantries - no one's perfect!). We didn't have a lot in terms of fancy kitchen stuff (we're poor ok!) but that made it more fun to try and create meals that you could make with just the essentials.

The result of all our hard work? The BEST COOKBOOK EVER CREATED! Ok, that may be a bit over the top, but we're pretty happy with our work.

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#4 LoafNest: The World’s Easiest Artisan Bread Maker

LoafNest: The World's Easiest Artisan Bread Maker

Easy No-knead, No-mess, No-cleanup, Tasty, Flavorful, Artisan Bread at Home with Less Than 5 minutes Work. One Kit for Limitless Ideas.

See our LoafNest Kickstarter campaign here.

LoafNest is the easiest artisan bread maker in the world. No-kneading, No-shaping, No-mess, No-cleanup! With LoafNest it takes less than 5 minutes of effort to get beautiful, tasty, flavorful, healthy loaf at home.

It makes bread making a child's play and reduces the barrier to bread making for beginning or experienced bakers.

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#5 The Easiest Way to Make Real Kombucha at Home

The Easiest Way to Make Real Kombucha at Home

Thea Kombucha Co. is raising funds for The Easiest Way to Make Real Kombucha at Home on Kickstarter! Continuously brew up to a gallon of YOUR OWN kombucha each week! All you need is regular tea, sugar, and our Kombucha Starter Seed™.

If you love kombucha, you will love this kickstarter!Say good-bye to the $4 bottles of store-bought kombucha...

Continuously brew up to a gallon of YOUR OWN kombucha each week! All you need is regular tea, sugar, and our Kombucha Starter Seed™.


The fail-safe way to brew your own 100% natural kombucha at home in just 7-10 days from scratch with our quick-activating dry blend of LIVE yeast & probiotics.  Just use your favorite green or black tea and add sugar.

You can make up to 1 gallon of delicious kombucha each week from just ONE Kombucha Starter Seed™ pouch.  Our unique blend of yeast and probiotics will form a "SCOBY" (a symbiotic colony of probiotics and yeast) that consume the sugars, nutrients, and caffeine in the tea to create kombucha after a quick fermentation.

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#6 5 Sento -Coffee made for the 5 senses.

We are a Colombian Coffee Association Start - up. With 5Sento coffee, which means 5 senses we want coffee lovers to enjoy the taste and live the experience of one of the best single origin coffees around the world, starting from a very easy, practical and innovative preparation method. We are certified for a professional cupping registered at the Specialty Coffee Association of America - SCAA. 1st Brand in America.

Our Premium coffee is grown at small farms in Colombia for families that have been displaced for the internal war conflict between the Government and Guerrillas, now we are trying that traditional coffee farmers return to their land after the peace process agreement (Government & Guerrillas), and go back to cultivate the best quality of single origin coffee to get the highest cup profile, and its best point of expression.

We give you the chance to prepare it through an innovative method & ritual experience, that's the reason for placing our 5 senses for the peace of Colombia or post conflict support.

Find Out How This Revolutionary Coffee Will Change Your Daily Routine!

Check our Kickstarter campaing and help us to spread our love for coffee

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#7 Food from a Forest

Food from a Forest

"Mystic Forest: American Indian Ancient Forest Preserve", is an ongoing project via kickstarter and additional foundation based fundraising to purchase ancestral lands to expand an existing territory of old growth forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia currently protected by families of tribal people. We collect acorns, de-shell them, leach the tanins in a pure stream on-site, dry in the sun in the field there, and then mash with a grinding stone into a nutritious flour for making a traditional dough. Additionally, we collect Black Walnuts, Butternuts, Hickory Nuts, and a plethora of berries: Blackberry, raspberry, wineberry, huckleberry, wild strawberry, and winterberry. The lands we are seeking to regain are the last remnants of original forest in the area. Fortunately, although logging has removed the original forest beyond these borders, there is no development for miles and the forests have regrown.

What makes the lands that we hold and the lands that we seek, so special is that they have not been disturbed by human exploitation. The interaction with these forests has been symbiotic for eons and we seek to continue it.

There are 40 acres of old growth forest currently protected in-trust and the remaining 10-20 acres that we seek would put us in border with National Forest land, creating a preserve for a way of life. These border lands we see to add to the trust are all the more important because they contain the source waters for our mineral spring, which we use for drinking and food preparation.

This forest is not only home to black bear, whitetail deer, raccoons, opossums, red foxes, grey squirrel, flocks of red-winged black birds, a stopover point for monarch butterflies and migratory birds, it is also the source of an entire cuisine and way of life. My body is a sum of the parts of that land and the food I've satiated myself with, borrowed from the bounty of that land.

As we ask from that land, so we give to that land. There are ancient terrace complexes there, the grave of my fifth great grandmother, relics of a long history of using the place as a stronghold and respecting it as home.

We have 15 days to go in our kickstarter campaign to purchase 1 acre of additional land, and we have been told by a local foundation that if we meet our goal, they will match it dollar for dollar. Two more acres protected, two more acres of habitat... for us.

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#9 Roam Oatmeal: Quality Packable Instant Oatmeal

SmithRockWithName Roam Oatmeal: Quality Packable Instant Oatmeal

Roam Oatmeal is gluten free, organic, packable instant oatmeal. Just add hot water into the pouch, stir, wait a minute, and enjoy.

Backpacking food should be delicious, convenient, and keep you going, and we are proud to have a product that does exactly that. Made in Portland with only organic ingredients, this oatmeal is inspired by and designed for the beautiful backcountry and wild spaces of the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere the trail might take you. Roam Oatmeal is packable instant oatmeal. With our prepare in pouch packaging, you can just pour hot water straight into the pouch to make up a serving of these tasty oats. Each pouch also has at least 10 grams of protein and 300 calories to keep you going well into your adventure. We have 4 great flavors: cinnamon pecan, chocolate peanut butter, hazelnut mocha, and coconut cranberry (vegan).

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#10 Healthy Kiddos Plates-Giving Kids a Reason To Eat Healthy

Kid Eating Grapes

We are creating a series of plates and other educational products that help kids understand the WHY of eating healthy.

Thanks to my MS in Health Promotion, I knew the benefits of a healthy diet and was passionate about passing that along to my children. I found that teaching them specifically about what each fruit and vegetable did in the body helped my children to want to eat them more. While I could remember the key nutrients in a few fruits and vegetables off the top of my head, most seemed to be locked inside of my Mom brain!

After searching the web for a kid-friendly resource, I discovered there wasn’t one to be found! My entrepreneurial and supportive husband suggested I create a product that would fulfill this need--maybe I wasn’t the only Mom in search of such a tool? Thus the vision for Healthy Kiddos and our plate series was born!

Each of our plates has a unique design and has been created to teach even the youngest of children what happens in the body when a particular fruit or vegetable is eaten.

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#11 The Good Wolf Farms regenerative, organic farm

The Good Wolf Farms regenerative, organic farm


Our whole goal is a business that gives back not only to the community in great products, mushrooms, microgreens, produce, nuts in the future, baby nut trees, making soil and composting, keeping bees for pollination/selling some honey, and so much more. But, we have strategically planned our farm to be regenerative to earth and its inhabitants as a whole, protecting and aiding bees (look into Paul Stamets' work on mushrooms and saving bees! it is astounding!) creating new soils to put in the ground by our own home produced fungal compost from our own mushrooms, leaf composts, and so much more in the future like vermi-composting.

P.S. We use no artificially constructed chemicals ever, not even organic. we use only organic fertilizer and organic amendments, and are striving towards a "closed loop" system!

I could rant forever, but instead like us on facebook, youtube, instagram @thegoodwolffarms, and our website!

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#12 Thomas Carr Seafood and Grill Ilfracombe, North Devon

Thomas Carr Seafood and Grill Ilfracombe, North Devon

After 3 years of fine dining at The Olive Room, Michelin Star holder Thomas Carr aims to bring a new dining experience to Ilfracombe

Born and raised in Woolacombe and Ilfracombe, Thomas Carr left North Devon to train and work under well renowned chef Nathan Outlaw.

In 2014 Thomas realised a dream when he took on his own restaurant on Fore Street in Ilfracombe, the Olive Room. In 2016, after less than two years, the Olive Room was awarded a coveted Michelin Star - a first for Ilfracombe.

Now Thomas, his brother Kevin and friend Richard plan to open and launch a Seafood and Grill restaurant in Ilfracombe.  The site has been found, the Lamb Hotel building on Ilfracombe high street.  It has parking over the road, and is also only a short walk from Thomas' Michelin starred Olive Room and the Olive Branch guest house - making dine and stay possible.

Tom's vision is to bring great, delicious, quality food to the masses.  With a competitively priced a la carte menu upstairs, a bar grill menu and great bar downstairs, with a garden and bbq potential in the Summer.

Planned opening is in February 2018 - and to make this happen we need the people of North Devon and beyond to get behind this exciting project.

We want to provide jobs in Ilfracombe, and provide another great dining experience

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#13 Here Today, Scone Tomorrow

Here Today, Scone Tomorrow


We are based in the South West of England and plan to bake delicious scones from a converted Citroen HY Van. 

The aim is to finish off fitting out the van as well as the external restoration it needs, plus get all the things that will help me get on the road. I hope to serve cream teas to any event me and Alison (the van) can get to, and that the love of driving her and baking scones will take us on many adventures!

We have a wide range of fabulous gifts for you including some great wedding and event packages at discounted prices!


Lots of love

Pip and Alison xx

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#14 The Hunger Kitchen part 1: Somaliland

Plumpy Sup seller in Tog Wajaale The Hunger Kitchen part 1: Somaliland

Millions of people all around the world receive food aid, which they often don't know how to use. Calculated to provide minimal and essential nutrients, food aid often doesn't correspond to cultural values. Combining 20 years of humanitarian work in conflict zones with 30 years of cooking, art and adventure, we - Gilles Stassart and Robert Kluijver - will go to Somaliland in April 2017 to help beneficiaries use the food aid they receive in novel ways. The recipes will be shared among beneficiaries on social media and the project will be blogged about in the French newspaper Liberation and on other sites; and at least one exhibition will showcase the results of the project, including the cooking results. We expect to follow up on this project in different locations soon afterwards.

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#15 F!ck the veggies

F!ck the veggies

Together with 3 amazing meat loving chefs, we created a book which will make you the meat master you need to be! This book is full of silly, original, classic and bizarre recipes, Tips and tricks, some terrible jokes, and funny stories.

The design of how the book should look (this can be different)

Some of the recipes

The mega burger ( 6 person meal )The perfect steakBacon wrapped meatloafTexas pulled porkChicken filled meatballs

Not only do we want you to copy our crazy recipes, but we want you to really understand meat and where it comes from

An impression of a page which will teach you all about the pig and its meat.

This book will contain

50+ meatastic pages at leastAlot of recipesStories about meatFun factsTip and tricksThank you page for all ''get famous contributors''

Some fun facts and tips you can find throughout the entire book

Did you know that you can buy an elephant amount of bacon for just $75.000 dollar? That is roughly 5000kg or 11.000lbsAstronaut John Young smuggled a beef sandwich into space, which he was later reprimanded forHamburgers will cook faster if you make a few punctures in them before cooking. This allows the heat to circulate more evenly.

How we started  

The idea of this book started a couple months ago when the three of us were together. We saw a lecture on TV which explained why eating meat is murder and why we all should be vegetarians. We know that we might need to see meat as a luxury product in the future, so lets treat it that way!

In the end

We hope that you won't make the mis steak of not buying this book, because we can assure you that this book won't be medium but well done!

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