Surefire Wellness’ Vitality Greens Superfood – Drink (1/16)

Surefire Wellness' Vitality Greens Superfood - Drink

Surefire Wellness’ Vitality Greens Superfood is packed with 50 whole food ingredients scientifically proven to improve your health from the inside out!

With many extraordinary nutrients not commonly found in other green drinks today, our product sets itself apart. We have gone above and beyond to ensure a delicious and refreshing lemon-lime taste with absolutely NO artificial sweeteners/ingredients!

One scoop a day packs ingredients known to:

Help provide natural sustainable energy Help manage stress, anxiety and depression Reduce inflammation Provide anti-aging benefits Increase libidoImprove sleepProvide anti-oxidants to help prevent illness and diseaseImprove mental clarity and focus and so much more!

Written by Kellen Pagel


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  1. I had a chance to test this natural green drink. The taste is fantastic! A delicious lemon/lime flavor. Within minutes I felt an incredible burst of energy. I also love the anti-aging ingredients like collagen. No need to buy collagen supplements!

    • Thank you very much for your support!! We are extremely excited to bring our product to the market to provide everyone a healthier life!

    • Thank you for your support! Please click on the link above to order yours today. We are extremely confident you will love our product and the amazing benefits you receive from it!!!

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