LoafNest: The World’s Easiest Artisan Bread Maker (4/16)

LoafNest: The World's Easiest Artisan Bread Maker

Easy No-knead, No-mess, No-cleanup, Tasty, Flavorful, Artisan Bread at Home with Less Than 5 minutes Work. One Kit for Limitless Ideas.

See our LoafNest Kickstarter campaign here.

LoafNest is the easiest artisan bread maker in the world. No-kneading, No-shaping, No-mess, No-cleanup! With LoafNest it takes less than 5 minutes of effort to get beautiful, tasty, flavorful, healthy loaf at home.

It makes bread making a child’s play and reduces the barrier to bread making for beginning or experienced bakers.

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