Fupping is a revolutionary up and coming content creation platform. The world of online media is a constantly changing and evolving landscape. Fupping aims to revolutionise the industry by putting the power to create back in the hands of you, the readers.

Not only do we want our readers to have the power to create and sculpt the future of our company, we want them to profit from our success. We currently have a revenue share platform program offering writers the chance to profit from their work.


Whatever you love to read about, we guarantee someone wants to write about it. Each author on our website has a unique profile that can easily be found. If you find an author you love, why not reach out to them and find out more about what makes them tick.


Fupping offers writers the unique opportunity to earn from the content that they produce. We very much live by the mantra that if someone wants to write about it, then someone wants to read it. That is why we don’t provide guidance on the lists or recommendations you write, go crazy and write about what you love.