The Millennial Cookbook (3/16)

The Millennial Cookbook

The Millennial Cookbook is an underappreciated, hard done by hardcover recipe book made by millennials, for millennials. Each recipe uses a handful of cheap and easy to find ingredients and takes next to no time to whip together.

We are a group of millennials much like you, who had no idea when it came to cooking and all that other adult stuff. It took us moving out to realize that it was no longer possible to simply eat out all the time and we no longer had our trusty parents to pull something together for us to consume every night.

As millennials, we wanted something fast and with as little effort as possible but at the same time were not about to eat two-minute noodles every night (although how nice would that be). Anyways we decided we needed some proper nutrition in our lives, more than a two-minute noodle diet could provide. So we set out creating our grand idea!

We spent countless nights and many hours trying a whole bunch of recipes (and by ‘trying’ we mean mostly failing) and not to mention the money on the ingredients (we did do a little shopping in our parent’s pantries – no one’s perfect!). We didn’t have a lot in terms of fancy kitchen stuff (we’re poor ok!) but that made it more fun to try and create meals that you could make with just the essentials.

The result of all our hard work? The BEST COOKBOOK EVER CREATED! Ok, that may be a bit over the top, but we’re pretty happy with our work.

Written by Jarrad

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