The Good Wolf Farms regenerative, organic farm (11/16)

The Good Wolf Farms regenerative, organic farm


Our whole goal is a business that gives back not only to the community in great products, mushrooms, microgreens, produce, nuts in the future, baby nut trees, making soil and composting, keeping bees for pollination/selling some honey, and so much more. But, we have strategically planned our farm to be regenerative to earth and its inhabitants as a whole, protecting and aiding bees (look into Paul Stamets’ work on mushrooms and saving bees! it is astounding!) creating new soils to put in the ground by our own home produced fungal compost from our own mushrooms, leaf composts, and so much more in the future like vermi-composting.

P.S. We use no artificially constructed chemicals ever, not even organic. we use only organic fertilizer and organic amendments, and are striving towards a “closed loop” system!

I could rant forever, but instead like us on facebook, youtube, instagram @thegoodwolffarms, and our website!

Written by bradley balthis

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