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A Look at the Key Aspects of CBD Honey Sticks for New Users

People worldwide are increasingly turning to CBD-infused edibles for relaxation and medical purposes. Understandably, the market for CBD products of all possible varieties is ever-expanding, ensuring consumers access high-quality commodities.

Besides topical products and oil, you can buy CBD honey sticks, jam, gummies, and even bath salts at incredibly reasonable rates online or at a licensed health store.

The information below will undoubtedly make the task easier for new users and help them understand this unique product a lot better.

About the Honey Sticks

For the uninitiated, CBD sticks are exactly what they sound like: sticks containing a mixture of CBD (or cannabidiol) and honey. Portability and ease of use are among the most significant aspects of these delectable sticks accounting for their soaring popularity.

Moreover, there are many reasons why this distinctive combination of honey and cannabidiol is so potent. For one, both these key ingredients are robust and beneficial in their own right. Honey has been hailed as the undisputed superfood for centuries now, with people worldwide using it to boost their immune system, youth, skin, and other health benefits.

On the other hand, CBD, which is derived from the much sought-after cannabis plant, is used for a myriad of reasons by people from all possible backgrounds. For instance, youngsters use it for recreational purposes, while older people prefer to invest in CBD primarily for its medical properties.

Together, the plant variant and the superfood are a powerful combination that helps people lead healthier and more productive lives.

Dosage and Use

Whenever you take any new drug for relaxation or respite from pain, the best and ideal way is, to begin with, the smallest possible dose and gradually increase it. The same rule applies to CBD sticks as well, with the number of sticks consumed in a day primarily determined by the amount of CBD in each. Ordinarily, most reliable dealers sell an average of seven sticks in a single pack, with each stick containing around 10mg of CBD infused into the honey. This means that an entire pack contains 70mg of total CBD.

To begin with, you can start by consuming half a stick to maybe two whole ones in a day. You can increase the amount gradually as your body gets accustomed to the regular and steady intake. As a fall-back, you can ask your medical practitioner for dosage guidance.

When it comes to consuming the sticks, there are many exciting ways to do it. The simplest is to cut off a bit of tip and consume the contents inside as it is. Alternatively, you can infuse the stick’s contents with tea, cereal, coffee, fruit juices, and other beverages. Some people use it as topping over cakes, puddings, and other delicious desserts as well.

The Length of Effect

Before delving into the details of how long the effects of the sticks last, it is pivotal to understand that this product is not designed to give users a high. That’s because CBD honey sticks contain less than 0.3 percent of THC (or Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the chief psychoactive ingredient of the cannabis plant, in compliance with state laws and regulations.

Therefore, once the effects of the CBD in these sticks kick in, however mild they may be, they usually last for approximately ten hours. While this might seem like less to some people, rest assured that this is still a lot longer than CBD oils or vape pens. The reason is that CBD from the sticks is slowly released into the bloodstream, ensuring the effects are potent and last longer.

Its Medicinal Properties

Several studies have already proved that CBD can be highly effective in helping people deal with chronic anxiety and extreme pain. But while research is still ongoing into the other ways in which CBD can help people with health issues, some of them have found reliably positive results.

Here’s a quick look at the top beneficial properties of CBD sticks and other products.

  • Maintains gut health – One of the greatest and most excellent health benefits of honey sticks is promoting and maintaining a healthy gut function. This happens because when you take CBD orally, it sends endocannabinoid receptors into your stomach, which assist people in dealing with severe inflammation and gastrointestinal issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Combats stress – CBD contains natural anti-depressants that can fight off stress and mental trauma, ensuring people have healthier cognitive functioning.
  • Pain relief – The natural pain-relieving properties of CBD help people deal with chronic pain that typically arises from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and migraine, among other conditions. It can help animals deal with pain too.
  • Reduces inflammation and boosts heart function – Whether the inflammation is in your gut, joints, muscle, or anywhere else, CBD-infused honey sticks and other products can effectively reduce it. Moreover, they have antioxidants that help improve heart function and overall health. They can also aid in keeping the blood pressure in control, which is highly vital for good heart health.

The Right Place to Buy Them

It is unwise to purchase CBD sticks from just about anywhere as you might be tricked into buying a subpar product. Unlicensed sellers are good at being discreet about their transaction process, keeping customers in the dark about critical aspects of the sticks, such as expiry dates, the level of THC, etc. Therefore, you should look for dependable dealers who have a transparent working method, hiding nothing from existing and new customers.

Another excellent option is to buy the honey sticks from a reputable online vendor. Check the website thoroughly, browse the product varieties, consider the cost and shipping charges, and see if they have refund or return policies. Some online dealers use hemp grown in their own farms to make top-quality products that meet all safety and consistency standards. Many of them also offer wholesale prices on large-scale purchases, ensuring customer satisfaction to the best of their ability.

Final words

Having understood how beneficial these honey sticks can be, it is prudent to remember that one must always consume them in acceptably safe quantities. That’s because any product can be potentially harmful, especially when the intake is in vast amounts. You can start using the product under the watchful guidance of your doctor for better results and greater safety.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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