F!ck the veggies (15/16)

F!ck the veggies

Together with 3 amazing meat loving chefs, we created a book which will make you the meat master you need to be! This book is full of silly, original, classic and bizarre recipes, Tips and tricks, some terrible jokes, and funny stories.

The design of how the book should look (this can be different)

Some of the recipes

The mega burger ( 6 person meal )The perfect steakBacon wrapped meatloafTexas pulled porkChicken filled meatballs

Not only do we want you to copy our crazy recipes, but we want you to really understand meat and where it comes from

An impression of a page which will teach you all about the pig and its meat.

This book will contain

50+ meatastic pages at leastAlot of recipesStories about meatFun factsTip and tricksThank you page for all ”get famous contributors”

Some fun facts and tips you can find throughout the entire book

Did you know that you can buy an elephant amount of bacon for just $75.000 dollar? That is roughly 5000kg or 11.000lbsAstronaut John Young smuggled a beef sandwich into space, which he was later reprimanded forHamburgers will cook faster if you make a few punctures in them before cooking. This allows the heat to circulate more evenly.

How we started  

The idea of this book started a couple months ago when the three of us were together. We saw a lecture on TV which explained why eating meat is murder and why we all should be vegetarians. We know that we might need to see meat as a luxury product in the future, so lets treat it that way!

In the end

We hope that you won’t make the mis steak of not buying this book, because we can assure you that this book won’t be medium but well done!

Written by Roy Korthouwer

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