5 Sento -Coffee made for the 5 senses. (6/16)

We are a Colombian Coffee Association Start – up. With 5Sento coffee, which means 5 senses we want coffee lovers to enjoy the taste and live the experience of one of the best single origin coffees around the world, starting from a very easy, practical and innovative preparation method. We are certified for a professional cupping registered at the Specialty Coffee Association of America – SCAA. 1st Brand in America.

Our Premium coffee is grown at small farms in Colombia for families that have been displaced for the internal war conflict between the Government and Guerrillas, now we are trying that traditional coffee farmers return to their land after the peace process agreement (Government & Guerrillas), and go back to cultivate the best quality of single origin coffee to get the highest cup profile, and its best point of expression.

We give you the chance to prepare it through an innovative method & ritual experience, that’s the reason for placing our 5 senses for the peace of Colombia or post conflict support.

Find Out How This Revolutionary Coffee Will Change Your Daily Routine!

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