The Coolest And Most Viral Kickstarter Projects You Should Back Today

If you are like me you’ve backed and funded many Kickstarter projects. Some have turned out to be terrible, some have been awesome. Well, we want to know your opinions on the hottest and most ‘must have’ projects going on right now.

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#1 GNARBOX 2.0 SSD – Rugged backup device for your camera

GNARBOX 2.0 SSD - Rugged backup device for your camera

GNARBOX is raising funds for GNARBOX 2.0 SSD - Rugged backup device for your camera on Kickstarter! The most powerful portable workflow solution for photographers and videographers.

GNARBOX 2.0 is a rugged backup device for content creators who prefer to travel without a laptop. 

With single-step backup, dedicated workspaces for photographers and videographers, and integrated access to professional editing software, GNARBOX will save you time and make you a more reliable creator. 

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#2 Journey Away — A non-challenge-based fantasy RPG

Journey Away - A non-challenge-based fantasy RPG

Jacob S Kellogg is raising funds for Journey Away - A non-challenge-based fantasy RPG on Kickstarter! An innovative, story-first fantasy roleplaying game that focuses on the journey instead of battle and loot.

Want a fantasy roleplaying experience that's more about exploring a magical world than about slaying its monsters? Journey Away uses an innovative new system to generate story developments rather than check success or failure of actions, leaving you free to roam the world in search of fantastical experiences instead of worrying about things like party balance or tactics.

Check out the project description and FAQ for more details, and feel free to ask questions as well!

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#3 Mobster Metropolis – Create your syndicate, rise to power

Mobster Metropolis - Create your syndicate, rise to power

Stormakten Production is raising funds for Mobster Metropolis - Create your syndicate, rise to power on Kickstarter! Invest in turfs and recruits or conduct drive-bys in order to become the most powerful gangster boss in this 2-4 player strategy game.

Carello, the godfather of the Metropolis has just died. Now gangsters gather and scheme to create their own legacies. Are you intelligent and ruthless enough to become the leader of the most powerful gangster syndicate in Mobster Metropolis?

Mobster Metropolis is a strategy board game where participants compete to create the most powerful gangster syndicate. Invest in turfs and recruits to generate income and defense, or scheme and attack other players with drive-bys to take their money. The player with the highest gangster reputation wins the game!

Visit our Kickstarter to learn more, watch reviews and become a Gangster Backer!

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#4 RedKey : Worlds 1st easy to use Computer Data Erasing Device

Planning to ever Recycle, sell or give away a computer? First use Redkey to securely and permanently wipe all data. Home & business use.

Redkey USB addresses the problem of your personal information being discovered when a computer is disposed of. Personal information or “data” as it is known, can easily be retrieved from computers. In many cases - even after it's been deleted.

The RedKey uses a special process to permanently & securely destroy all data, to the point where it ceases to exist.

This helps you because after it has been used, you can safely dispose of a computer in any way without worrying about your data subsequently falling in to the wrong hands.

It is specifically designed to be easy to use. Just plug it in to a spare USB port, then switch on power to initiate a wipe. It is designed to work automatically and minimal interaction is required. This will be a world first - It's a powerful tool.

Using the Redkey is intuitive but will be supplied with fold-out, easy to follow instructions. Further support will be available online through a dedicated Redkey website. There is also an optional advanced menu area built in, which allows some settings to be customised (ideal for IT experts).

All Kickstarter reward tier pledges will also now receive a handy 16GB “BlueKey” too. It's ideal for storing files on prior to wiping with the Redkey. All kickstarter reward tier pledges will also be granted free access to a remote update service for life.

Check out this Kickstarter here.

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#5 Smart Scale Ruler

Smart Scale Ruler

Joanne Swisterski is raising funds for Smart Scale Ruler on Kickstarter! A digital ruler that can be customized for Architects, Designers and Builders. Never have difficulty with scales or units again!

The Smart Scale Ruler is the product of one interior designer's strong belief that paper is too primitive a thing to be creating obstacles for modern-day professionals. Technology has solved so many problems, yet from time to time, we find ourselves standing in front of a set of drawings and not being able to read them properly. This should not be the case!

My name is Joanne Swisterski, and I am that interior designer. I knew there had to be a better way, so I thought of one!

What the Smart Scale Ruler aims to do is solve 3 main problems that waste time and cause frustration in the industry.

1 - Not being able to read out of scale drawings

2 - The struggle of understanding metric and having to deal with imperial drawings (or vise versa)

3 - Dividing areas into equal spaces when manually drafting.

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#6 Sentinels of Freedom

Sentinels of Freedom

Underbite Games is raising funds for Sentinels of Freedom on Kickstarter! A digital turn-based strategy game inspired by the Sentinel Comics RPG. Create your hero. Build your team. Save the world.

Sentinels of Freedom, a digital turn-based strategy game.  Prepare for a story-driven campaign within the Sentinel Comics universe as you join forces with an ever-growing team of heroes to face a wide variety of villains. What seems like a typical bank heist reveals itself to be just the tip of a much more sinister plan!

Sentinels of Freedom offers features like Hero Creation, Adaptive Enemies, and Unique Passive Actions creating a living environment.

Check out more on Kickstarter

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#9 Dream Catchers Board Game

Dream Catchers Board Game

Play Nation Studio is raising funds for Dream Catchers Board Game on Kickstarter! Catch sweet dreams before daybreak and send Samantha to blissful sleep, but make sure nightmares and monsters don't wake her in tears!

Catch sweet dreams before daybreak and send Samantha to blissful sleep, but make sure nightmares and monsters don't wake her in tears!

Cooperative board game for 2-4 players. Suitable for young adults and family gamers.

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#11 Human Food – Vegan & Organic Meal Replacement Bar

Human Food is the world's first Daily Nutrition Bar designed specifically for people on a plant based diet, but that's good for anybody. It's Paleo, prebiotic, high in antioxidants, contains no gluten, no grains and no added sugar. It's made of 100% organic wholefoods and organic extracts, selected and balanced for optimal taste and bio-availability.

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Journey To The Overland is a new Solo Tabletop Roleplaying game that allows you to enjoy the fun and adventure of a role-playing game all by yourself in the comfort of your own home!

Journey To The Overland is a game published by Overland Games and inspired by Dwarfstar’s Barbarian Prince but also includes elements of games like Lone Wolf and Magnunmund, Dragonquest, Conan the Barbarian and of course Dungeons and Dragons.  In short, if you like Gloomhaven or enjoyed Legacy of Dragonholt you will love Journey To The Overland!

Journey To The Overland is a completely solo game played on a numbered hex map that allows you to create a character, travel and adventure throughout the world of The Overland in search of Five Weapons of Power.   Journey To The Overland features open ended tabletop role playing that allows players to:

Seek News and Information

Seek An Audience with the Town Mayor

Seek To Hire Help in a town or castle

Obtain new Skills and Advanced Skills

Earn and Spend Experience Points

Become a Knight, Samurai or Gladiator

Travel and explore new lands

Gain NPC friends and comrades

Hunt for food

Gain Experience Points and Level up

In addition,  in lieu of totally open ended play, characters can also attempt to fulfill one of several pre-set thrilling game objectives which include:

• Obtain The Five Weapons of Power• Overthrow King Overlord• Acquire Gold to Raise Your Own Army, or• Defeat the Wizard Morcai at his Castle

In addition to a rules manual and over 100 game cards Journey To The Overland also features a full color 2′ x 2′ numbered hex map gorgeously rendered by artist Robert Altbauer.  Backers of this new Second Edition will also be able to obtain a new completely reorganized, revised and expanded rulebook together with event, encounter and weather cards previously unreleased.

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#14 Angels of Hell #1: An Apocalyptic Tale ft. the Four Horsemen

Angels of Hell #1: An Apocalyptic Tale ft. the Four Horsemen

Cliff~ is raising funds for Angels of Hell #1: An Apocalyptic Tale ft. the Four Horsemen on Kickstarter! The Four Horsemen led Hell's armies to Eden to eradicate mankind, but now their mission has become much harder: save the remnants.

The Four Horsemen led Hell's armies to Eden to eradicate mankind, but now their mission has become much harder: save the remnants.

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#15 Travel Wooden World Map for Home decor and more

Travel wooden wall map is a unique wooden wall décor for your home, office or any other location. Easy assembling will make your leisure time fun and interesting. Travel map is a perfect gift for your family, friends or coworkers, especially if they are travel lovers and wonderlusters. It’s natural and eco-friendly, made of the highest quality plywood.

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#16 The 13month, The dark fantasy game.

The classic fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty” is reimagined as a dark fantasy tale…
In a new breed of digital novel where you can explore and wonder through fantastical dreams…

From the legendary creators of the Megami Tensei series(a world-renown RPG) and the top Japanese dark fantasy artist…
It’s the thousand year story of a sleeping princess and a mysterious witch…
Their destinies entwined, what future awaits these young girls?

You determine the outcome of the world with your choices!

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#19 Poppi Lou is Different- A children’s book about Autism

Poppi isn’t like the other kids in her class, her brain works differently to theirs. She’s not sick, she has Autism. But what is Autism? How does it affect someone? How do you act around an Autistic person?   

 Help educate your child on Autism by seeing a snapshot of a day in Poppi’s life, and how the things she experiences are different to how your child experiences them.  

Autism shouldn’t be a scary or taboo word, these children just have some social difficulties and acceptance and support is all they need from their peers.  

Everybody needs a friend, even the kid you might think is a little bit different.  

Poppi Lou is Different is presented as a 32 page, soft cover, rhyming picture book written by Katt Strachan and beautifully illustrated by Sarah Neale and published locally in Tasmania

A note from the Author

As the parent of an Autistic child, over the years I have been provided with so much literature and information on how to “cope” with having an Autistic child, how to tell my child they have Autism, how to “break” the news to friends and family members, the list goes on. This literature is readily available online, in libraries and many other avenues. What I haven’t seen a lot of, is information for the Autistic child’s peers and classmates. Who teaches the child with no Autism experience how to manage an autistic friend or classmate? Noone.

Being a fairly socially inappropriate and awkward child, my daughter often found herself ostracized socially and left out of play at school, this was primarily due to her behaviours. This was something that devastated me. No parent ever wants to hear that their child has no friends and “just walked around alone” during their lunch break. It broke my heart. I cried (a lot), and I sought help but couldn’t really find any. The advice I was given basically boiled down to “It’ll get better as she gets older”. This wasn’t good enough, she was seven years old! How much worse was it going to get before it got better, if at all?. I felt that I needed to rectify this, to educate her classmates. I needed to take action, and hence this book was born.

Once it was explained to the children in the class and they understood that her brain worked a little differently to theirs, they started to make more allowances and became more accepting of my daughter and her behaviours. They now understand that she’s mostly the same as them, she likes the same toys and games and music as them, she just struggles with a few little things. Now they know how to react if she has a meltdown or does something a little peculiar or says something “inappropriate”.

With increasing ability to diagnose children on the Autism Spectrum, we are seeing more children in mainstream school with the condition. I think it’s so important for all children to know that everyone is different, some more than others. Autistic children often cannot help what they do or say, and if their peers were educated and made aware of this, reactions wouldn’t be so harsh and friendships could be maintai

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#21 The Art History Pin Collection

The Art History Pin collection is a set of dream accessories for any art appreciator. Show off your love of the classics with these cute and stylish art history inspired enamel pins, or gift one to the history buff in your life!

I'm Missy Peña, and I'm an illustrator. For several years my work has been centered around all things art history and fandom. I've done numerous pieces merging the works of classical masters with fandom for print making, but my pin designs are pure homages to the original artists and their famous works.

This is my first Kickstarter, but I have been creating and selling my own art and accessories for about a decade. Normally I fund products myself, but ordering enamel pins comes with steeper prices and quantities than I'm used to. Especially now, with the many designs I want to create! That's where Kickstarter comes in - to help make these pins happen! The more people who back, the more designs I'll be able to produce. Thanks for checking them out!

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#24 Re-open the Galway Market with Farmhouse Jenny

Re-open the Galway Market with Farmhouse Jenny

Jennifer Roberts Comstock is raising funds for Re-open the Galway Market with Farmhouse Jenny on Kickstarter! Help re-open The Galway Market in Galway, NY!

What is cooler than helping small town America get their groove back?  Nothin', that's what!  Check out this Kickstarter that earned 20% backing in only 2.5 days.

It was started by local blogger, Farmhouse Jenny, and the whole idea is to get the community support around reopening a closed grocery store at the only traffic light in town.

Help the 3545 residents of this tiny town get a way to have fresh produce and food for meals without having to drive to another county to get their weekly staples.

The people in this rural town are already buzzing about the chance that the market is coming back.  Just this week, over 73 backers pledged their support.  Rewards in this Kickstarter are super cool too.  Coffee Club gets you a mug with unlimited refills for a month.  Sub Club gets you a free sub once a week for a month.  Heck, you could even go big and sponsor the bulk candy section and have your name in lights forever.

This town needs you to support their dreams, and you will feel awesome about it!

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#25 THREEANGL – The deodorant you NEED!! Healthy and Biodegradable!


Treat yourself and the environment equally. 100% natural deodorant in an entirely biodegradable packaging. Be Clean, Be Green!

A Montreal-based startup that truly cares about your health and your environment. We made our product fully sustainable and design with Canadian and American resources to reduce the footprint and encourage local business!

Act now and support our campaign:




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#26 viavia transit: The Ultimate Pouch for All Your Essentials

The Transit pouch is the perfect everyday pouch for protecting your goods, whether you're traveling, exploring the outdoors, exercising, or simply on the go. Constructed with durable, BPA-free silicone, a water resistant zipper, and featuring an internal organizer as well as a handy loop that’s perfect for clipping, holding or swinging, these pouches are the perfect solution for organizing and protecting your daily necessities.

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#27 Mystery, Magic, and Adventure: Two Dissolutionverse Novellas

Mystery, Magic, and Adventure: Two Dissolutionverse Novellas

William C. Tracy is raising funds for Mystery, Magic, and Adventure: Two Dissolutionverse Novellas on Kickstarter! Two new stories in an interstellar society connected by magic, not space flight. The universe changes with the notes of the Symphony.

Two new science fantasy novellas are now on Kickstarter: set in an interstellar society connected by magic instead of space flight. The universe changes with each change to the Symphony.

1) The Society of Two Houses: a Sherlock Holmes-style mystery with magic and aliens

2) Journey to the Top of the Nether: a Jules Verne-inspired mid-grade novella about scaling miles-high walls

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#28 The Primary – An Election Strategy Board Game

Congratulations on your candidacy in The Primary! Outwit your opponents during a presidential primary election by traveling the country, hosting rallies and fundraisers, advertising, and gaining the favor of powerful Super PACs. Regions across the country will vote during the eleven rounds of the game and you will have to predict your opponents’ strategies in order to earn the most delegates and win the game! Good luck, candidates!

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#29 Worthwich Wizarding Weekend – A 3 day magical retreat

Worthwich Wizarding Weekend - A 3 day magical retreat

Worthwich School is raising funds for Worthwich Wizarding Weekend - A 3 day magical retreat on Kickstarter! Live out your dream of attending a real life wizard school at our 3-day adults only retreat this fall in Texas. Welcome to Worthwich!

Live out your dream of attending a real life wizard school this fall in Texas! Worthwich Wizarding Weekend is a 3-day, adults only retreat to Worthwich School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The retreat takes place November 2-4, 2018 in Killeen.

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#30 ConvoCards | Reinventing the conversation starter

Would you like to double your chance of making your next date a success? How about just making playing cards even more enjoyable? Then ConvoCards may be something for you!

ConvoCards are playing cards. On each card there is a conversation-starting question. By using social science, we have developed our own conversation starters. These have been made with the intention of building an emotional connection with people through conversation. Particularly for those who are dating, among friends, long-standing partners, and those who wish to practice their conversation skills.

Each of the four suits has its own theme:

Why Do You Ask (Diamond) 

Diamond covers controversial topics

Weird or What (Clover) 

Clover holds weird questions

Naughty or Nice (Hearts) 

Hearts holds romantic and embarrasing questions

Business You (Spades) 

Spades has a mix of fun and personality-revealing questions

The deck we named 'The Original'. Just like your typical deck, comprises of 54 playing cards. The cards come packaged in a quality cardboard tuckbox. They are fine-printed on 270gsm, and bridge-sized. So they fit snuggly into your pocket or tucked away in your purse.

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#31 Black Void RPG

Black Void RPG

Christoffer Sevaldsen is raising funds for Black Void RPG on Kickstarter! A dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game about the fall and resurgence of humanity.

BLACK VOID is a dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game revolving around the fall and subsequent resurgence of humanity after cataclysmic events have torn them from Earth. Pursuing power, prestige and enlightenment - humanity is struggling to find a new place and purpose in a vast and unfamiliar cosmos. Players can focus on the personal struggles and stories of their characters or expand their scope putting emphasis on the fate of humanity as a species and the part they play in this.

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#32 SOLOSOCKS No-Shows – The World’s Best Summer Socks

The best organic, sustainable, innovative, top quality, designer socks return as no-shows. No pairing. No wasting. No showing.

SOLOSOCKS come in packages of 7 single socks designed to mix and match. That way, you don't need to pair or waste your socks again.

SOLOSOCKS are coated with BIOME Antimicrobial Technology, which means your feet will be stink free and stay fresh all summer long!

SOLOSOCKS are made of locally sourced organic combed cotton.

SOLOSOCKS have an extra sticky silicone grip and an enlarged heel so they never slip off your feet!

SOLOSOCKS come in a re-usable biodegradable packaging.

SOLOSOCKS are designed in Denmark.

SOLOSOCKS are the perfect summer socks!

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#33 UGEARS: mechanical evolution highlights

Ugears, the creator of unique wooden assembling models, continues to reveal the mystery of mechanics, and this April exclusively on Kickstarter we launch 12 absolutely new models: the Horse-Mechanoid, the Archballista-Tower, the Tower Windmill, the Stagecoach, the V-Express Steam Train with Tender, the Roadster, the Aviator, the Bike, the Heavy Boy Long-Hauler with the Trailer, the Flexi-Cubus and the Secret model. They are ready to become your companions in an exciting adventure through the ages on the way to discover the evolution of mechanics.

The “UGEARS: Mechanical Evolution Highlights” Kickstarter Campaign is on the air from Tuesday, March, 27 till May, 1

The Campaign’s Link:

Traditionally, some of our designs are inspired by real-life prototypes while others represent an original re-imagining of historical mechanisms. Perfect examples of unique engineering, our models adhere to the highest level of quality production standards. We want families and friends to have fun strengthening the unique bond they have through creativity, bringing to life real mechanical marvels.

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#34 diveLIVE


diveLIVE COMING SOON IN 2018 Let's connect everyone anywhere with our oceans! Join the diveLIVE community and submerge virtually on daily LIVE marine safaris where you get to be immersed in the blue wilderness and experience it as if you were actually there. We believe that if we can

LIVE interactive scuba dives streamed from Grand Cayman onto a Facebook feed free for everyone to be immersed in the blue wilderness and to enjoy as if they were actually there themselves. Marine experts host the dives and answer your questions from under the water in real time. Follow our diveLIVE Kickstarter Campaign and become an ambassador for the oceans. If we can help people fall in love with the seas, we'll all be better at conserving them!

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#35 Mira-Pet ▪ The toothbrush that cleans more than any other!

Mira-Pet ▪ The toothbrush that cleans more than any other!

Techmira is raising funds for Mira-Pet ▪ The toothbrush that cleans more than any other! on Kickstarter! Ultrasound toothbrush removes bad breath and destroys bacteria. Deep cleans also gum pockets ▪ gentle ▪ fast ▪ vibration-free ▪ silent

Give your pet a better life with Mira-Pet! Mira-Pet is an ultrasound toothbrush that kills bacteria and removes bad breath from your dog's mouth.

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#36 AFRIDRILLE | Custom Espadrille Shoes from Africa

The Afridrille is the first fully-customizable espadrille shoe. Handmade in Kenya, designed by YOU!

Three things make this shoe special:

Classic and customizable: You can choose from our ‘Classic’ colors, or go with a ‘Custom’ pair to design your shoe inside and out! There are 23,000 options so you can create a unique pair to match your style.Empowering women and children: Each pair of shoes is hand-made by entrepreneurial Kenyan women, our Maker Mums. We pay above-market wages, and 100% of net income supports life-changing care for children with special needs in Kenya.Responsibly sourced: We develop long-term partnerships with our suppliers so we can ensure our entire supply chain is socially and environmentally responsible.

The Afridrille is available at up to 40% OFF retail on Kickstarter only!

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#37 Heroes of the Public Domain Golden Age Guide Issue #1

Heroes of the Public Domain Golden Age Guide Issue #1

Temporal Comics is raising funds for Heroes of the Public Domain Golden Age Guide Issue #1 on Kickstarter! Our goal is to create a series of comic books featuring profiles of heroes that are in the public domain.

A who's who of public domain characters. Each issue will feature 32 characters with all new art by Chris Malgrain. Kickstarter for issue 1 is underway and almost 50% funded. Please consider pledging. We appreciate it.

Darrin WiltshireTemporal Comics

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#38 Peak Water – Coffee Brewing, Elevated

Peak Water - Coffee Brewing, Elevated

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood is raising funds for Peak Water - Coffee Brewing, Elevated on Kickstarter! Test and tailor your tap water for better brewing - take your coffee to a new level.

We’re thrilled to introduce the world’s first adjustable, gravity-fed water filter designed specifically to create cafe-quality water at home.

It’s taken our team of scientists, developers and coffee professionals over 2 years to bring Peak Water to life and now we need your help to propel the project towards its next exciting phase.

Great brewing water is essential for brewing great coffee – support this Kickstarter and help us take your coffee to a new level.

Head over to the Peak Water Kickstarter page for more info.

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#39 Ghost of the Gulag

Ghost of the Gulag is written and illustrated by David Derrick Jr.  He's worked in the film industry as a storyboard artist for many years. The most recent films he worked on are Disney’s Moana and the upcoming The Lion King directed by Jon Favreau. Ghost of the Gulag is an ongoing webcomic that you can read for free online at We're running this Kickstarter to print the first volume of the story; over 220 pages of comic plus additional behind the scenes artwork.

What's the Story?

Set in a fictional post WW2 Russia, an Amur Tiger lives alone in a forgotten prison camp. One eye was destroyed by the whip, the other branded and scarred with a sickle and hammer. Though blind, the Tiger learns how to see with the aid of his friend, a raven. The Tiger is unwittingly drawn into a larger conflict over the control of the Taiga (the great northern forest of Russia). The Tribe of the Wolf and the Clan of the Boar both vie for control and the Tiger becomes the tipping point and must choose the fate of the Taiga.

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#40 The Best Toiletry Bag For Traveling – The Expeditioner

The Best Toiletry Bag For Traveling - The Expeditioner

Gravel is raising funds for The Best Toiletry Bag For Traveling - The Expeditioner on Kickstarter! A premium quality, durable, & versatile toiletry bag that lets you organize & pack your toiletries.

This is the most excited about a toiletry bag you'll probably ever get! It was funded in 30 minutes flat and is raising money like crazy right now...

This is a premium quality, durable, and versatile toiletry bag that lets you organize & pack your toiletries.

Everybody travels but until now there hasn't been a great way to travel with the stuff you are guaranteed to take every time...toiletries. Forget ziplock bags + giant "catch all" toiletry bags mix everything together rubbing your toothbrush up against your your toenail clippers...there had to be a better way and by golly this is it.

This bag has 8 pockets and fits it all while staying compact.

It even comes with a TSA removable & water resistant pouch to prevent shampoo explosions + quick scans at the airport. It can hang or lay flat (even sit on it's side for access to the side pocket...

See why so many people have backed this project!

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#41 Park-a-Dot | The most convenient garage parking aid out there

Park-a-Dot is a reinvented parking aid that takes the guesswork out of parking in your own garage by giving you a clear indication of when to stop!

This patent pending product was created to eliminate the frustrations faced while parking in your own garage and was born out of a need to find a reliable parking aid to solve the shortcomings of other existing solutions.

This simple yet modern solution is the easiest to use parking aid out there: "When you see the dot, stop in your spot!"

You can find more information at:

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#42 QuestBots- Moves for Beginners, Swarms for Techies

These friendly blue robots are a great math, coding and art experience for anyone. They're so easy a three year old can get started. But they have challenges like looping and swarming that even skeptical high-schoolers and gray beard techies will find intriguing.

The two founders have been working on QuestBots for about two years out of a Makerspace in Colorado. In that time the QuestBot has traveled to Africa where it taught blind people robotics. QuestBotics has also worked with multiple bi-lingual schools since both founders have spanish speaking family, including prominent schools in the DC Public school system.

They've done all the work and now the bots are ready for people to buy. When they show up this summer you won't have to mess around with installing any software. The QuestBots arrive ready to teach and play after a quick battery charge. Yup, they're green as well.

Concepts for younger kids the QuestBots teach include: Color & pattern recognition, counting & numbers, distance, right & left, addition, subtraction and debugging code.

Concepts for older kids (we see you gray beards) include: Swarming, loops & nested loops, variables, geometry & fractals, multiplication, division, complex conditionals, boolean logic, flags and functions.

The QuestBots draw too, so everyone can exercise both sides of their brains at the same time!

Check out their Kickstarter to get to know the little blue bots that are changing the way kids learn technology.

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#43 Darkboy & Adler

A small town boy in love with his high school bully... when you add in a mysterious voodoo book what can possibly go wrong?

Our story starts with a boy named Adler, just a typical teenager with typical teenage problems and an all-consuming crush on the Nowheresville Darkboys wrestling squad team captain: Jock. We join the story as Adler and his friends - Claudia, Darleen and Ho - are watching (and swooning) as Jock tramples the competition on another Friday night wrestling date night. Jock is all to familiar with Adlers crush and shortly afterwards decides to confront Adler - and his lovely eyes - with his fists, humiliating him in front of the whole school. In a petulant rage but no less hopeful, Adler marches home, piecing together the events in his mind when he stumbles upon a strange and magical voodoo book. The book seems to be enticing him with promises of power and of getting Jock to fall in love with him, Adler snatches it up and returns home. Perhaps it’s all just a joke, perhaps Adler is mad, perhaps this crazy voodoo book really will bring him all his heart desires… or maybe it will cause catastrophic zombie voodoo craziness and unleash the monster known only as DARKBOY into the world.

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#44 Amazon Hot Box – A Feature Films (Ships July 2018)

AMAZON HOT BOX combines the thrills and chills of drive-in, Italian horror and the "tough as cobra spit" ladies of 70s action into a jungle roller coaster ride of Women in Prison entertainment. A post #metoo exploitation film with great female characters. This film is finished and has already reached 3 stretch goal bonuses for backers. Rewards ship in July, 2018 from 4-time Kickstarter creator James Bickert.

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#45 Zombicide: Invader

Zombicide: Invader

CMON is raising funds for Zombicide: Invader on Kickstarter! Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!

Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!

Zombicide: Invader is a standalone cooperative board game for 1 to 6 players, taking the trademark Zombicide action into the far reaches of space! Players control a group of Survivors trying to defend their remote mining outpost from a swarm of infected aliens controlled by the game itself. The more experience and power the Survivors earn, the more Xenos invade the facility!

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#46 Swerve!: The Connection Strategy Game

Swerve!: The Connection Strategy Game

Zachary Olmstead is raising funds for Swerve!: The Connection Strategy Game on Kickstarter! Bringing Friday game night back! Simple rules. Complex strategic gameplay. Zig-Zag your way to victory! The new classic family game.

Swerve! The Connection Strategy Game is a game of complex strategic planning. Players start in colored goal opposite of their own, and each player tries to get all of their colored pegs across the board back into their colored goal.

The challenging part is that players have to move their pegs as a 'family'. All of each players pegs have to be connected via the white connection lines, the 'family' can can be bunched-up or snake-like, as players try to slingshot their pieces across the board.

Every player gets the exact same deck of cards, so it becomes a sequential strategy game. Do you use all your good cards at the beginning and get a head start? Or do you stay under the radar and save them for the end? It gets crazy because all players are moving across the middle, so once you get blocked, do you stay course? Or do you 'Swerve!' and change direction? That is the question.

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#47 SELDI: 7-in-1 Wearable Video Rig

SELDI is a wearable video rig with all the essential functions for recording videos with any smartphone or action camera. It has 6-modes for recording videos and its 7th mode lets you watch videos on your smartphone hands-free!

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Organise your life with Cling nanoMATS! Combining our latest developments in Nano Suction Tech and All New Sizing Cling nanoMATS can safely secure your Possessions to Almost Anything! From fixing photo frames to your wall, sticking your phone to the car dash, securing cables, or simply being a place to hang your keys, our mats provide a durable, reusable, and longer lasting super sticky surface for things to cling! BONUS: If you pledge for the 'Share Pack' now you'll receive an additional 4 of our popular Cling nanoSTRIPS valued at $15 FREE as you are a member of Secure yours HERE

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#49 NickelDime’s Delicious New Cocktail Syrups

Three years ago, we launched Caged Heat's Kickstarter campaign. We hit our goal in seven days (100% funded on Day 7, 136% of our goal when the campaign closed), and two months later we made good and sent out our first bottles of Caged Heat. Each day, we are greeted by cocktail connoisseurs, praising our product and begging us to reveal what's next.

We present to you THREE NEW FLAVORS.

Jared Hirsch, award winning mixologist, and his business partner, Absinthia Vermut, producer of her own organic absinthe, are sharing their latest tantalizing, seductive, and inspiring new flavors. Help us bring them to market and co-create the next wave of exquisite cocktail experiences. Follow the recipes on the label, or invent your own.

Are you ready?

Crimson Smoke: Cranberry, Honey, and Lapsang Souchong


After harnessing the smoked quality of Lapsang Souchong tea, we pair it with tart and festive cranberry, then wrap it in a blanket of comforting honey. It's like the first night home for the holidays sitting in front of the fire with family you haven't started fighting with. You can mix it with the spirit of your choice, or try our recipe with tequila and fresh lime juice for a delightfully romantic cocktail.

Cherry Bomb: Cherry, Cacao, and Coffee 


Dark roasted coffee, bittersweet cacao, and luscious sour cherry.

Cherry Bomb is a bit of a trickster. It sounds like it's going to be sweet, but like all of our syrups - it's draped in sophistication. The coffee is dark roasted, the cacao bittersweet, the cherry tart. It's layered, complex and delicious.

We look forward to hearing about how you use it, but try it first mixed with rye and fresh lemon juice for a cozy cocktail that will delight and surprise your tastebuds.

Fairy Dust: Fennel, Anise, and Wormwood 


Like the fairy herself, this syrup calls upon a trinity of alpine herbs. Infused with the medicinal herbs of the alps, we follow in the footsteps of the great French and Swiss masters of the Belle Epoch. Those creative and hedonistic inventors of art and whimsy fueled their inspiration with absinthe. So do we. We wondered what would happen when you subtract the alcohol and just focus on the flavors?

This is an experience like a beautiful dream that once you wake from, you want to dive back into. Follow the green fairy! She thinks you're smart and pretty. Pair it with your favorite special spirits, or follow our recipe with gin and lemon juice for a glimmering green treat.

Let us know what recipes you create with our syrups!

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#50 Saxmonica

The Saxmonica is a game changer when it comes to learning music. Over 1400 pledges on Kickstarter.  Sounds like a sax, plays like a sax but fits in your pocket so you are always ready to jam.

A full tutorial is available for free at

Check it out on Kickstarter now and get started.


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#51 Spices Reimagined – Organic Spices in Innovative Containers

Spices Reimagined - Organic Spices in Innovative Containers

Five Continent Spices is raising funds for Spices Reimagined - Organic Spices in Innovative Containers on Kickstarter! Designed by home-chefs for home-chefs, preserving flavor, shaped for precise use, space minimizing stand, thus ending clutter

Passionate about Cooking? Tired of Clutter?

We are all avid cooks who became frustrated with the mess of our spice cabinets and the poor design of the spice bottles.

Five Continent SpicePuck™

The Five Continent SpicePuck™ is a better functioning, uniquely shaped spice container with two doors, a stainless steel bottom for durability and to keep spices potent. The hockey puck shape and weight make it feel great in your hand.

The shaker door lets you shake out spices the same way you currently use your glass containers. The large spoon door allows precise and easy access with a measuring spoon. Shake or Spoon - impossible with old-fashioned glass jars.

SpicePuck - Shaker Door


SpicePuck - Large Spoon DoorKeep Your Spices Spicy (Protect & Serve)

The Five Continent SpicePuck’s stainless steel base and solid top protect your valuable organic spices from “potency-reducing” light exposure. Let your SpicePucks serve you where you need them instead of keeping them "far, far away" in a pantry or a kitchen cabinet.

High Quality, Organic Spices & Herbs

Of course, we will include high quality, organic spices and herbs that will elevate your cooking. Several of our partners and cooperatives source directly from farmers and growers globally to ensure excellent quality. We prioritize suppliers that produce their spices in ways that are good for growers and the planet. Needless to say, the better the spice, the better your results.

USDA Certified Organic Spices

For example, the spices used in the cooking video are certified organic and kosher with the rosemary grown in Morocco, the sage in Italy and the cayenne (30,000 HU) in India.

Color-coded for Easy Identification

The SpicePuck shaker doors will have six different colors to make the identification of organic spices and herbs easier. For example, most herbs will have green doors (i.e. Basil, Bay Laurel, etc.); Curry, Turmeric, etc. will have a yellow door; Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, etc. will have a red door; Mustard, Sesame, etc. will have a tan door; Nutmeg, Caraway, etc. will have a brown door; Black doors are for your custom spices and seasonings.

Color Coded SpicePucksLarge Volume – More Spice

It is not obvious, but the SpicePucks are 10-20% bigger than traditional glass containers. We will include more organic spices in the SpicePucks than your average glass bottle can hold.

Five Continent SpicePuck Contains More SpicesSustainable Design

The SpicePuck's stainless steel base and the solid top are made to last. After the campaign, we will offer a cost-effective refill baggie to minimize waste.

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#52 MYCHI | Worlds Most Effective Headache & Tension Relief Device

Suffering from Headaches and Neck Tension?Do you need a way to release them ?Introducing MyChi - A highly effective device created to ease headaches and stress in just couple of minutes.

49% of adults suffer from tension headaches almost on a daily bases. MyChi releases tension, improves focus and lifts mood.

MyChi is a portable, adjustable, self administered massage and tension release unit. It focuses on two of the main meridians along below the scull. Applying pressure to these meridians with MyChi, releases the tension immediately, increases the flow of oxygen and life force energy.

The Pressure Points that MyChi is Focused on have been used for Thousands of Years.

By using MyChi, you will enjoy deep states of relaxation and feel the symptoms melt away in just moments.

Its highly effective and feels AMAZING to use!!

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#53 Pizza – a tasty playing cards project

Pizza - a tasty playing cards project

PassioneTeam is raising funds for Pizza - a tasty playing cards project on Kickstarter! Enjoy a set of decks that represent this tasty Italian food and the worldwide appeal it has gained. Printed by USPCC.

Pizza Playing Cards has been designed by the Italian team of Passione Playing Cards to pay homage to pizza, one of the most famous Italian food in the world.

Pizza Playing Cards is a project two different decks, each one with unique court cards, drawn by Stefano Protino.

With 4 decks you get an awesome pizza-box and with specific tiers you can get a "pizzeria display" to show your cards and your love for pizza.

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#54 The first smart foldable Ukulele!

Astro is the first foldable and collapsible ukulele; thanks to its incredible features and shapes, Astro will follow you in all your adventures and journeys, together with your music passion.

Thanks to our special patented mechanism, that connects the rotation of the neck to the floating bridge, once the execution is terminated, it is possible to fold the ukulele without releasing or removing the strings.

Small and compact, Astro has been designed to fit into any bag, backpack or even jacket pockets, causing no additional effort, thanks to its light weight. Astro is now live on kickstarter! Take a look!

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#56 The Estates

Designed by Klaus Zoch, this city-building game of auctions is for 2 to 5 players and plays in about 40 minutes. Players will hold auctions for the various building pieces in an effort to build The Estates – the city’s new, upscale development – in a manner that benefits them the most.

The active player will select one of the many wooden building pieces—Floor cube, Rooftop, Building Permit, Mayor, or Cancel cube—and hold an auction for it. Each of the other players may bid once for the chosen building piece or pass. Once the highest bidder is determined, the auctioneer has two options:

A. The auctioneer gives the chosen piece to the highest bidder who then pays their bid to the auctioneer


B. The auctioneer keeps the chosen piece and pays the highest bid to the highest bidder

The player who purchased the building piece must then place it in The Estates. The game ends as soon as 2 rows of buildings are completed or if it is impossible to complete any more buildings. Players will then earn positive or negative points based on where their building is located within The Estates.

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#57 World & Celestial Stags Pin Set


We are Three Muses Ink, a collective of indie artists and authors. Friends since grade school, we express through writing, artwork and all things creative, forming our own independent publishing company located in Anchorage, Alaska.

We are greatly inspired by animals, nature, and all things magic in both. Seasons of the Stag pin collection was masterminded by our principal artist and author, Kari L. Ronning, and together we are bringing these beautiful deer pins to life with our ideas and her artwork.

All about the Pins:

Hard enamel

Iron coated with silver nickel plating

50mm tall (almost 2 inches)

2 back posts per pin

2 rubber pin backs

Three Muses Ink back stamp

Seasons of the Stag backing card

The first series of our stag pins are the World and Celestial Stags, the White Stag of the Great Tree, the Moon Stag, the Stars Stag and the Sun Stag. These are large and beautiful pins, at 50mm almost 2 inches each, with a funding goal of $1,550 for all four, plus a 3x3 vinyl sticker of the White Stage artwork. The sticker will go free to all the pin level pledges. The first goal is for the first 4, but we have created 16 deer designs that could possibly be unlocked during the campaign.

A special discount rate is being offered for Kickstarter backers for pledges including FOUR or more pins, as well as an extra discount for set purchases. The early bird pledges and the full set of the 16 pledge tier offer the BEST price. If we have stock left over after the Kickstarter they will be for sale at our website, but will be listed at regular prices.

All pledges are able to choose from the unlocked designs for your pins. Kickstarter does not charge you until the campaign has ended. If the Kickstarter is unsuccessful and we do not fully fund, you will not be charged for your pledge.

Three Muses Ink

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