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Smart Scale Ruler

Joanne Swisterski is raising funds for Smart Scale Ruler on Kickstarter! A digital ruler that can be customized for Architects, Designers and Builders. Never have difficulty with scales or units again!

The Smart Scale Ruler is the product of one interior designer’s strong belief that paper is too primitive a thing to be creating obstacles for modern-day professionals. Technology has solved so many problems, yet from time to time, we find ourselves standing in front of a set of drawings and not being able to read them properly. This should not be the case!

My name is Joanne Swisterski, and I am that interior designer. I knew there had to be a better way, so I thought of one!

What the Smart Scale Ruler aims to do is solve 3 main problems that waste time and cause frustration in the industry.

1 – Not being able to read out of scale drawings

2 – The struggle of understanding metric and having to deal with imperial drawings (or vise versa)

3 – Dividing areas into equal spaces when manually drafting.

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