ConvoCards | Reinventing the conversation starter (30/57)

Would you like to double your chance of making your next date a success? How about just making playing cards even more enjoyable? Then ConvoCards may be something for you!

ConvoCards are playing cards. On each card there is a conversation-starting question. By using social science, we have developed our own conversation starters. These have been made with the intention of building an emotional connection with people through conversation. Particularly for those who are dating, among friends, long-standing partners, and those who wish to practice their conversation skills.

Each of the four suits has its own theme:

Why Do You Ask (Diamond) 

Diamond covers controversial topics

Weird or What (Clover) 

Clover holds weird questions

Naughty or Nice (Hearts) 

Hearts holds romantic and embarrasing questions

Business You (Spades) 

Spades has a mix of fun and personality-revealing questions

The deck we named ‘The Original’. Just like your typical deck, comprises of 54 playing cards. The cards come packaged in a quality cardboard tuckbox. They are fine-printed on 270gsm, and bridge-sized. So they fit snuggly into your pocket or tucked away in your purse.

Written by Lars Eikeland

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