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Update: We have a new more up to date post of the best fashion kickstarter projects, check it out here.

If you’re like me you’ve backed and funded many kickstarter projects. Some have turned out to be terrible, some have been awesome. Well, we want to know your opinions on the hottest and most ‘must have’ projects going on right now.

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Submit a picture at the bottom of the list of the Kickstarter product, company logo or perhaps a picture from their look-book and write a short description of why you love this project.

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#1 JVL Bracelet – First Ever Customizable Anchor Bracelet

Four Anchor Skick Customisable Customizable Anchor Accessory

Introducing The World's First Customizable Anchor Bracelet

As avid bracelet users our team sought out to create something unique. Our passion for accessories led us to create a product that could potentially disrupt an industry. Never before has it been this easy to match a stylish accessory with ANY outfit.

Designing this product, our goal was to emphasize the user of today, a truly individual person who likes to express emotions through fashion. A great design that is timeless and unisex.

The openable ring let you switch band color withins seconds, just as your emotions and state of mind can, which is what we want the bracelet to represent. That's why we added Powers to each color as a symbol and reminder of your inner strengths.

Never again do you need to spend money on a new bracelet to match your new outfit, now you can just get a new band at the fraction of the price, it will both be convenient and economically. We will in the future introduce more jewelry, colors and materials to expand to an even broader audience and styles.

See the project page and video yourself and let us know what you think!

Best regards,


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#3 Handcrafted vegan mushroom leather wallet

Handmade Wallet

I have been making wallets for about 6 years and traditionally I have used regular animal leathers, but recently I started experimenting with something a bit more unusual, mushroom leather.

I am currently running a kickstarter they makes these mushroom leather wallets available to order and customize.

Mushroom leather is a godsend material which I want to utilize to make things like this wallet in the future. I decided that, I already know how to make wallets and it's a small enough item that people can carry around and it can act as a good ambassador for the concept.

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#7 FOLS- Natural Skincare for Men

FOLS- Natural Skincare for Men

Pedro Dias is raising funds for FOLS- Natural Skincare for Men on Kickstarter! Our largest organ is often the most neglected, specially by men. FOLS will change that- Natural Skincare for Men.

FOLS is a skincare and lifestyle brand made by men for men.

It started with a simple premise- There should be all natural products available for male skin that don't make us feel ashamed or embarrassed to use.

Follow Us:

FOLS For Men- Natural Skincare For Men Website



Mens Skincare Blog

There is a host of skin issues that arise from prolonged exposure to the sun and the elements, due to bad habits or simple ageing and as it stands, the industry isn't geared towards offering the necessary products. Our mission is to change that.

We have managed to produce a small batch of skincare products. But to scale this and expand our range into bath products, we need your help!

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#8 Customizable Leather Watch Straps

Customize Your Own Watch Strap From 980 Combinations!

Got a great watch yet unable to find a suitable strap?

Is your watch strap not matching your outfit today?

Ever wanted to design your own leather watch strap?

It's time to unleash the inner creativity in you and customize your own watch strap! Choose from 980 combinations of strap, buckle, leather and thread and get the strap that you have always wanted!

Campaign Link:

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#9 Uplifting/Inspirational Lifestyle Brand….with a purpose!

Perfect for Awesomeness T-Shirt With Flowers

This brand was created after I went through some life changing circumstances which caused lack of direction and depression. I realized the cognitive value of this phrase and it became my mantra and I knew I had to share it!

I volunteer with a couple charities and proceeds of sales go to those and as the brand grows it will be involved with more charities and community programs.

The world needs more positivity and the point of this is to uplift everyone that wants to be their best in anything they do and anything they dream!   We are all Perfect for Awesomeness!

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#10 BOTA Hydration Backpack

BOTA Backpack

Why, when we are on a hike or at a music festival, are men wearing backpacks that provide them comfort, storage, and hydration... and women are not? We see women everywhere, wearing backpacks that suit their style and serve their most basic needs, but we knew they could be improved.

BOTA was created for women, by women.

BOTA is the first backpack that is both a staple of your wardrobe and a promoter of an active lifestyle. It promises to be your favorite accessory -with high-quality construction and an integrated hydration pack. Created in SF, made in LA.


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#11 Make 100: Life Enamel Pin

Life enamel Pin

Inspired by Kickstarter's Make 100 month, I'm turning my best painting of 2017 into an enamel pin design!

Pins are available by themselves or with artwork prints!Check it out here:

Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook: @lisalindsayart

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#12 Make 100 Coyote Child Enamel Pins

Coyote Child Enamel Pins

The Coyote Child evolved out of a doodle during my Monday Morning Monster sketch series in 2011. He was born in a barn and raised by coyotes. He creates destruction because he doesn’t know any better, but he means well and hopes to be forgiven.  At art shows, people come tell me that he looks like their cat, or their dog or their toddler. They tell me he's cute and that he's ugly, and often they need an art print to take home. Sometimes they don't know why.    I’m making an enamel pin of the Coyote Child with the help of Kickstarter’s Make 100 event this month. Art prints need frames and glass (so breakable!) and a lot of wall space, but a cloisonné pin fits almost anywhere. A small, portable and appealingly shiny pin is a great way to make the Coyote Child part of your day.  Thanks for your support!Heather Hudsonaka Studio Wondercabinet

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#13 Weigos™ Weighted Performance Leggings

Weigos Weighted Performance Leggings


Based outside of Philadelphia in West Chester, Pennsylvania, we are a unique group of designers that develop health and fitness apparel. As an extension of our current product line, we have developed a revolutionary line of weighted performance leggings, Weigos™, used for strength training.


Weigos™ are weighted performance leggings designed to enhance your workout by adding weight to the body during strength training and conditioning.  Weigos™ can be worn during activities such as running, cycling, pilates, weight lifting, and various other forms of aerobic and anaerobic exercise.  Our leggings are made for indoor and outdoor use with thinner leggings available for warmer temperatures and thicker leggings available for colder temperatures.  Additionally, we have above the knee leggings perfect for activities such as cycling!


Our patent-pending Weigos™ incorporate small pockets of weight strategically sewn into the outer portion of the leggings.  Our smallest size is just over two pounds of added weight, with each size increasing by approximately .2 lbs.  The minimal and evenly distributed weight is just enough to act like an extra layer of skin allowing you to work out with more flexibility than the current weighted gear, which often unevenly weighs the body down on one side or the other.

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#14 Solidaritee ~ Clothing with a Cause

Solidaritee Wear What Matters Multicultural People Against Graffitied Wall

Solidaritee is the union between charity & solidarity. In short, we sell apparel aligned with causes. For every shirt purchased, our company donates to a corresponding nonprofit or other initiative. That way, changing the world for the better is as simple as picking a shirt! On top of that, our goods are made with ethical and eco-friendly materials, made right here in the USA. Simply, comfortable (and durable) wearables in solidarity for peace, freedom, equal rights, and other essential values. Our garments will make you feel good, inside & out. Need we say more?

Okay, here’s more!

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#15 Shoe obsessed? Walk on a cloud in day-to-night luxury by FSP

Femmes Sans Peur [FSP] translates to "Fearless Women.” We are bringing globally inspired bold creations to the designer shoe market without sacrificing comfort for style. Our collection fills the void of accessible luxury fashion, hitting on trends while maintaining the brands identity. For FSP, inspiration is everywhere. With a variety of silhouettes featuring elements drawn from art history, FSP pairs embroidery from India and luxury leathers from Italy, with custom heels and key comfort components built into every shoe. Each outsole is adorned with our signature metal lotus flower ornament, allowing you to experience divine beauty and awaken your soles with every step!

For us, it was important to have a name that would resonate with every woman that wore our shoes. We have always had an affinity for all things French. Their impressionist art, elegant cuisine, and chic fashion. When we saw that Femmes Sans Peur could be an easily remembered acronym, as FSP, a company was born. The translation embodied everything we wanted our shoe lover to be, a fearless woman!

The FSP woman is not afraid to take risks and laugh at herself. She is beautiful inside and out. A lover of shoes and accessories, our bold styles will excite her senses, boost her confidence and make her fearless!

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#16 Wildling // Subscription Box For Animal Lovers

Kickstarter Box veganism

Watching an animal in pain and not being able to do anything about it has always hit me to my core from a very young age. I don't know many people who wouldn't say the same. So I created this subscription box, curated with things that people like us would love. Each box will include either a T-shirt, tote bag, button badge, cap or some sort of apparel custom printed with various messages that promote the cause. So by wearing our beliefs on our sleeves (literally) and walking around like human protest signs, we’ll reach more people and spread the message. 

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#17 Rebel Lifestyle Brands

Rebel Logo Est 2015 On Black Background

I created The Rebel Lifestyle Brand in 2015 during my sophomore year of high school at the age of 15. This was at a time when I wanted absolutely nothing to do with school, and absolutely everything to do with entrepreneurship. I can positively say that nothing has changed.

This brand not only reflects who I am as a person but also a niche of consumers that require a sleek and different take on life. We aim to make our customers 'fashionably defiant' through subtle yet eye-catching products.

We have three categories of brands that we offer on our site:

Organics: Our organics section provides products that are for general body care, such as full body lotions to facial lotions/cleansers.

Apparel: Our apparel section has products ranging from graphic T's, sleek everyday jackets and fashionable coats.

Accessories: This section has a multitude of products such as watches, bracelets and phone cases, all of which are subtle and sleek which represent our brand.

My partners and I believe that there is a Rebel in everyone, and every now and then it is good to express your differentiator through the small products that voice your inner Rebel.


Instagram: @rebellifestylebrands

Twiter: @rebellifebrands

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#19 The Dude Abides Necktie—campaign ends February 1!

Beautiful Tie Aztekc Design

This Big Lebowski-themed project closes on February 1, and it achieved 100% funding in less than 12 hours.

Finally, a way to express your inner Dude when you’re at your shirt-and-tie job, a wedding, or a funeral. Check it out, back the project, and please share! #TheDudeAbides

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#20 K-pop Heart pin set

Calling all VIPs, Shawols, ARMYs, and more! These pins are bigger than BTS at the 2017 AMA's. Bigger than EXO's comeback! Probably.

This super cute and trendy pin set features two 1.25" gold plated hard enamel pins connected by a gold chain. Show your love and support for some of your favorite k-pop groups when wearing these pins! As part of Kickstarter's Make 100 event, this set is ultra limited edition and only 100 will be sold!

Find them here:

And be sure to follow me on Instagram @maintainingmediocrity for Kickstarter updates, future projects, and my current illustrations 🙂

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#21 Nordgreen – Scandinavian Design Watches

In addition to offering high-quality designer watches at affordable prices, Nordgreen also tries to build a story into all their wrist watches. A watch gives a month's education to a child in India, 200 sqft. preserved rainforest in Latin America, or two months of clean water for a person in Central Africa. The choice is made by the consumer himself via the serial number found on the back of the watch.

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#23 Nordgreen – Scandinavian Design Watches

In addition to offering high-quality designer watches at affordable prices, Nordgreen also tries to build a story into all their wrist watches. A watch gives a month's education to a child in India, 200 sqft. preserved rainforest in Latin America, or two months of clean water for a person in Central Africa. The choice is made by the consumer himself via the serial number found on the back of the watch.

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#24 Warface Clothing

Warface Clothing Skull On Red Background

Helping those who help us every day.  Pro 1st responders / military /patriots  clothing line. Partial processed goto Veteran and 1st Responders charities.  

Check out our kickstarter campaign.  Search Warface Clothing 

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#25 “Proverbs” Hard Enamel Pin Set

Proverbs Enamel Pin Set

The "Proverbs" pin set all include words of wisdom for the modern world.

Proverbs are a great way to express very complex feelings/truths in only a few words.

The wisdom within is also refreshingly eloquent and shows thoughtfulness. The modern word could certainly use more thought and consideration in it's speech. This pin set celebrates this sentiment.

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#26 Show Me Your Game (SMYG)

SMYG t-shirt selection

Support our Kickstarter or

Show Me Your Game AKA: SMYG is the launching pad for a movement to promote and encourage positive competition. Competition is a part of everything we do, see and know from the athletic courts to the courts of law, politics to education and survival of the fittest in the animal and plant kingdom.

"Iron sharpens Iron"


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