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Gucci Makes Granny-Inspired Fashion Hip and Young

In the fashion industry, it used to be considered taboo to revisit clothes from the past. Designs from earlier decades which reappeared on the runway were deemed unoriginal.

However, Gucci has always believed that fashion is timeless and there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking lessons from yesteryears and even using designs significantly associated with a particular age group and offering it to an entirely different demographic. After all, the honest-to-goodness potential of clothes can go way beyond age and shape.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the brand is generating an outpouring of interest from the young and stylish for its nostalgic pieces. Gucci boasts clothing and accessories that older women and eccentric Iris Apfel types would naturally gravitate to, but millennials covet as well.

Here are the five best granny-inspired pieces from the brand that youngbloods would surely use for street OOTDs.

1. Oversized Tweed Bomber Jacket

The pattern screams, “Grandma’s going to tea with her girlfriends,” but the silhouette says, “Off to brunch before my first class at uni.” This is the perfect example of old-fashioned aesthetics adapting to the comfort requirements of the young. It is perfect to pair with jeans, cropped trousers, leggings, and those trendy “ugly sneakers.”

2. Silk Trousers with Flowers and Tassels

It’s breezy and flowy, and the design gives off a luxe, well-traveled vibe as if you’ve been to the Orient in the 1950s. Wear it with a qipao-inspired top and gold jewelry with precious gemstones, and you’re an elegant woman who goes to Shanghai for a weekend of mahjong. But if you pair it with a Balenciaga oversized tee, or a hoodie, and a pair of sneakers, then you are elegantly “street” and ready for Fashion Week (wherever it may be).

3. Sequin-Embellished Lined Knitted Cardigan

A knitted cardi in unexpectedly bright colors and patterns is the epitome of granny fashion, but young people can make it work with mom jeans, metallic pleated midi skirts, Birkenstocks, and, to complete the look, granny glasses.

It is comfortable but looks super chic and work-appropriate, too — but perhaps trade the Birks for classy pumps.

4. Shirt with GG, Hearts and Clovers

With the material, silhouette, and print, all you need are a pencil skirt and a pillbox hat to look like Jackie O. However, with a pair of denim shorts or jeans and a straw hat with a satin ribbon tie — you’re a typical holiday-maker at the beach!

5. Tweed Sheath Dress With a Bow

This dress is so similar to what posh mother-in-law Kitty Montgomery often wore in the late ’90s sitcom “Dharma and Greg.” But you can achieve a more youthful aesthetic with this dress by wearing a turtleneck under the dress, a pair of sneakers and a wide-brimmed felt hat — an ensemble ideal for autumn.

Look to the Past for a Style Adventure

Indeed, Gucci’s granny-inspired pieces offer a load of potential for hybrid styles — everything from simple looks with a touch of the unfamiliar to eccentric pairings that challenge the status quo of fashion.

Which of these are you keen on including in your wardrobe?

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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