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The 6 Quality Watch Brands Industry Experts Support

Watch brands that are on top of their game are easily spotted and recommended by experts. Right here!

The watch market has an extraordinary number of brands that customers need to sift through to find. Luckily, our industry experts have done the hard work for you, helping us assemble the ultimate list of watches that you are bound to love.

From well known brands that prove they’re not riding on their reputation, to rising watchmakers that are better than established craftsmen, these are your top 6 watch brands.

#1 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Content recommended by Baron Christopher Hanson.

Unlike other commendable watch brands, ROLEX timepieces can withstand the most extreme water pressures, temperatures, and anything you may experience in life, in the wilderness, or on the water.

However, there is nothing like wearing your ROLEX after a long day of business, golf, driving, skydiving, or scuba diving, and then sipping upon an ice cold martini… in sunny Palm Beach, of course.

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#2 Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch

The Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch Content recommended by Marjorie Dawson.

Fitbit have a fitness watch for everyone from kids wanting to watch their heartbeats to serious fitness freaks wanting a more detailed analysis of how the day went. The latest range has Alexa access, stores your favourite Spotify tunes on a play list, and let you pay for that morning coffee fix after your run.

Their range of straps goes from cute and girly to extreme macho without missing a beat and best of all, their Customer Service has few equals online. They are responsive, positive and work with you, not against you using real people. No battling chat bots with Fitbit – they rock!

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#3 Sovereign Automatic Two Tone Gold Silver

The Sovereign Automatic Two Tone Gold Silver Content recommended by Ivan Orville.

If you are looking for watches with elegant designs that look classy and professional at the same time, Burei is the brand to go to. Aside from the classics, you will be impressed by the impeccable flair of their ultra-thin minimalist designs. They have wrist watches for men and women that are stylish but never arrogant. And the best part, they offer customized engraving to make your bling-bling extra special. But they are not the only ones, you can also check out

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#4 Sportfisher Black Black Dial

The Sportfisher Black Black Dial Content recommended by Jake Freedman.

Hook + Gaff watches are designed to be stronger, sturdier and far more superior to other quartz movement watches on the market. Professional guides and anglers have been the true test of Hook + Gaff watches, proving they can handle the rugged lifestyle of the outdoorsman. Hook + Gaff offers exclusive designs including the Golf series and Sportfisher collection which is available in multiple designs: Sportfisher Black, King Tide, Sportfisher II Classic and Sportfisher II MP (Moonphase).

Each Hook + Gaff watch features a left side crown orientation and is made from scratch-resistant sapphire, high-grade titanium and anti-reflective crystal to ensure that, even in the worst conditions, the watch performs at its best.

Unlike most watches on the market, Hook + Gaff watches have a unique crown orientation on the left side of the case to minimize wrist and hand irritation for those who live an active lifestyle. Scratch- resistant sapphire allows the watch face to look new and remain durable even after being blasted with sand and salt, and knocked around in the outdoors. High-grade titanium provides a lightweight body with strength and durability.

Titanium is a poor heat conductor, meaning that even on the hottest of days the watch will remain cool. Anti-reflecting crystal keeps the face of the watch scratchproof and does not glare, allowing the fisherman to be able to clearly see at all times of the day.

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#5 West End Watch Co. – Sowar 1916

The West End Watch Co. - Sowar 1916 Content recommended by Rosalind Batheja.

Capitalizing on Swiss precision engineering made with Imperial toughness, a small Swiss watch company, established in 1885, in the Canton of Berne, a flourishing watch brand based in Bombay with the name of West End Watch Co.

Incorporating the new shock and water proofing technologies in the 1930s, their watches became favorites in the whole of Asia and the Middle East for over 120 years. Never officially sold into the Americas, we feel it is good for the hardy Sowar watch to now be finally introduced to you.

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#6 Bradley Mesh Silver

The Bradley Mesh Silver Content recommended by Isabella.

Eone is the leading universal timepiece company founded on an unwavering ethos to design universally inclusive watches for everyone – including the visually impaired. Their beautiful, functional, and inclusive designs feature raised markers and two magnetized ball bearings, allowing wearers to tell time by both touch or sight. Founded in 2012 by Hyungsoo Kim, Nick Gu and Tim Fleschner, Eone continues to carry out its mission through consistent innovation and charitable partnerships with Kilimanjaro Blind Trust, The Seeing Eye, and Vision Care.

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The recommendations of items within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

Who contributed to this article?

Baron Christopher Hanson from RedBaron Consulting

Marjorie Dawson from Dash Kitten

Ivan Orville from Shiny Leaf

Jake Freedman from The Brandon Agency

Rosalind Batheja from AMEICO

Isabella from Eone

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Written by Jacob Jacobowitz

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