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How To Be Fashionable By Wearing Rings

As the fashion industry is continuously evolving, there are numerous ways in which men can be fashionable, too. When talking about the wardrobe department, men shouldn’t be disregarded, as they can be as trendy as women. In fact, there are many subtle ways in which a man can show off his sense of style, starting with the jewelry that he wears. One of these pieces is a ring.

Even something as simple and small as a ring can make a significant impact on making or breaking your look. Here’s how and why:

1. Make A Statement On The Pinky Finger

For men who would like to make a fashion statement, you can effectively do so through your pinky finger. Whatever outfit you are wearing, even if you’re sporting a business casual look, you can still put on that pinky finger ring, for as long as you keep the rest of your look clean, toned down, and simple.

Historically speaking, signet rings, which bear a symbol or a family’s coat of arms, and are used to seal documents, are traditionally worn on the pinky finger. Signet rings are considered to be a sign of nobility or of being a gentleman. Apart from this, the pinky finger works best for making a statement simply because it is isolated from the rest of your fingers. Wearing a ring on your pinky is less obtrusive, hence this is where you can go for rings that have a bolder feel to them.

2. Less Is More

In connection with the point mentioned above, it is imperative for you to remember one of the basic rules of fashion that is universally applied to men and women alike: less is more. If you are trying to be fashionable in your day-to-day look, officewear, date night, or party, then keep this rule in mind. As much as possible, limit your rings or jewelry only to two pieces. If you already have a wedding ring, and you wear it daily, then you only have room for one more ring on your hands. This rule also applies, granted that you do not have any other jewelry piece, such as a watch or a bracelet.

Take a look at this photo, for example, as it best shows how a ring can match the whole look, following the less is more approach, while certainly still being fashionable:

Photo Source:

However, if you are styling a man for a fashion show or a photo pictorial, then you can make an exception to this rule. Fashion editorials have some leeway to go a little bit wilder and bolder. Hence, you can stack it up and play around with accessories a little bit more.

3. The Middle Is For Simplicity

If you want to wear a simple graduation ring, class ring, or even an accessory, then the middle finger is the best place to wear this. The middle finger is generally reserved for simpler rings for reasons of practicality. This finger sits right beside the index finger, where a lot of the manual work is done. Hence, you do not want your ring to interfere with the tasks that you will have to do and complete.

If you are also the type of man who wants to be a tad more fashionable, yet you also cannot stand outrageous statement colors, remember that your ring should be made to match the overall tone of your look and your watch. For instance, if your wedding band is gold, and your watch is in this tone as well, or in brown leather, the other ring that you would like to wear as an accessory should be in the same color hue. Otherwise, your look will end up clashing and you may give off the impression that you’re simply desperate to make a statement without putting any thought into it. In essence, you will look like a mess.

4. Don’t Go Too Wide

Perhaps you are the type of man who is quite comfortable wearing chunky, over-the-top statement pieces. You certainly can, as that is an excellent way to make a fashion statement, but there is still a limit you should follow. If you can, keep your rings to a width of less than 4 millimeters. Ring makers and fashion experts all agree that anything beyond this width can be distracting, especially if you are to wear the same daily. People around you will be looking at you for all the wrong reasons.


Before coming across this article, perhaps you may have thought that wearing rings can be confusing and challenging to do, but it can be as simple as 1-2-3. Now, you can start building that ring collection you’ve always wanted. If you wish to level up and strengthen your fashion game a little bit more, you cannot go wrong with rings. A ring is one of the best jewelry for men that you can wear, and with these tips to guide you, you are certainly on your way towards becoming a more fashion-forward gentleman.

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