FOLS- Natural Skincare for Men (7/26)

FOLS- Natural Skincare for Men

Pedro Dias is raising funds for FOLS- Natural Skincare for Men on Kickstarter! Our largest organ is often the most neglected, specially by men. FOLS will change that- Natural Skincare for Men.

FOLS is a skincare and lifestyle brand made by men for men.

It started with a simple premise- There should be all natural products available for male skin that don’t make us feel ashamed or embarrassed to use.

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There is a host of skin issues that arise from prolonged exposure to the sun and the elements, due to bad habits or simple ageing and as it stands, the industry isn’t geared towards offering the necessary products. Our mission is to change that.

We have managed to produce a small batch of skincare products. But to scale this and expand our range into bath products, we need your help!

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