NickelDime’s Delicious New Cocktail Syrups (49/57)

Three years ago, we launched Caged Heat’s Kickstarter campaign. We hit our goal in seven days (100% funded on Day 7, 136% of our goal when the campaign closed), and two months later we made good and sent out our first bottles of Caged Heat. Each day, we are greeted by cocktail connoisseurs, praising our product and begging us to reveal what’s next.

We present to you THREE NEW FLAVORS.

Jared Hirsch, award winning mixologist, and his business partner, Absinthia Vermut, producer of her own organic absinthe, are sharing their latest tantalizing, seductive, and inspiring new flavors. Help us bring them to market and co-create the next wave of exquisite cocktail experiences. Follow the recipes on the label, or invent your own.

Are you ready?

Crimson Smoke: Cranberry, Honey, and Lapsang Souchong


After harnessing the smoked quality of Lapsang Souchong tea, we pair it with tart and festive cranberry, then wrap it in a blanket of comforting honey. It’s like the first night home for the holidays sitting in front of the fire with family you haven’t started fighting with. You can mix it with the spirit of your choice, or try our recipe with tequila and fresh lime juice for a delightfully romantic cocktail.

Cherry Bomb: Cherry, Cacao, and Coffee 


Dark roasted coffee, bittersweet cacao, and luscious sour cherry.

Cherry Bomb is a bit of a trickster. It sounds like it’s going to be sweet, but like all of our syrups – it’s draped in sophistication. The coffee is dark roasted, the cacao bittersweet, the cherry tart. It’s layered, complex and delicious.

We look forward to hearing about how you use it, but try it first mixed with rye and fresh lemon juice for a cozy cocktail that will delight and surprise your tastebuds.

Fairy Dust: Fennel, Anise, and Wormwood 


Like the fairy herself, this syrup calls upon a trinity of alpine herbs. Infused with the medicinal herbs of the alps, we follow in the footsteps of the great French and Swiss masters of the Belle Epoch. Those creative and hedonistic inventors of art and whimsy fueled their inspiration with absinthe. So do we. We wondered what would happen when you subtract the alcohol and just focus on the flavors?

This is an experience like a beautiful dream that once you wake from, you want to dive back into. Follow the green fairy! She thinks you’re smart and pretty. Pair it with your favorite special spirits, or follow our recipe with gin and lemon juice for a glimmering green treat.

Let us know what recipes you create with our syrups!

Written by Absinthia Vermut

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