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How to Make Money As a Teenager: Traditional and Online Jobs for Teens

Google offers thousands of articles telling you how and where to get a job. There are even more posts about online hustles. The truth is — making money has never been easier, and you’ve got plenty of opportunities to use.

But what if you’re a teenager? Most of the official employment vacancies have a minimum age or accreditation requirement; so is a newspaper delivery your only option?

Of course not! There are many online jobs for teens that pay well and don’t need any paperwork.

Working from the teenage years educates you in financial literacy, which in the future will help you correctly calculate the budget and not apply to companies like payday loan Alberta to take money to cover your needs.

Take a closer look at some of the most attractive options we’ve prepared in this article!

Social Media Manager

Young people spend most of their hours on online feeds: they scroll through Instagram pics, follow new TikTok trends, and try on new Snapchat filters.

In the meantime, countless businesses in your area need help running their social media accounts.

Not everyone has the budget for hiring an expensive agency; they just need a person who’ll take care of their online presence. You do what you’re used to doing: taking pictures, writing posts, and building content plans.

Having loads of social media experience, you can make a few hundred US dollars every month.

Selling Your Clothes (and Other Stuff)

People are ready to pay good money for brands and just gently used clothing. This is a great option for customers, who cannot afford the store prices. Plus, it’s a true eco initiative, because the others reuse your clothes instead of buying a new one.

In case you love making crafts, go straight to Etsy — an online marketplace for handmade stuff. If you’re less than 16 y.o., no worries; just ask your parents to create an account for you.

Then, you can easily set up a store and start selling; thousands of people around the globe will sign up for your updates.

If you accidentally found some old video games or sports equipment in your basement, you can sell them as well. Just remember — there’s always a buyer for every item, and even an old skateboard can be sold.

Freelance Photographer

The best thing about working as a photographer is being your own boss. You can choose the days and hours to work; you can choose your style or align with other creators.

As a start guide — try taking family portrait photos in your community. Promote your services in the local Facebook group and build a portfolio to show off your work.

If you’re not a “people person” and don’t want to deal with customers, you can still promote your pictures on websites like Shutterstock and iStock.


Kids of all ages require help learning school subjects. You don’t have to be an Ivy League applicant to earn money on teaching. Just pick a subject you’re good at and find a way to attract prospective pupils.

Tutoring is an excellent money-making opportunity if you have skills in a particular area, like math, science, or French. If you’re proficient in music, offer individual music classes for children in your area.

Music teachers can charge up to $50 per hour, depending upon their proficiency level.

Another option for a temporary job is becoming a summer camp counselor. In case you love spending time outdoors and engaging in sports activities, take this opportunity and earn some money!

Babysitting vs. Pet Sitting

A job that never gets old. If you’ve never done that before, take a special course in addition to CRP essentials. That’s the basics you need to be a good caregiver.

Babysitting can bring you from 12 dollars per hour, but pet sitting can cost even more if you have the necessary education and certain skills. To earn more money, you’ll also need more experience.

Points scored

Depending on where you live, you can babysit as early as age 12. Consider friends of the family as your reliable first clients.

Contrary to babies, pets don’t need you to be a certain age. If you love dogs, you can take them out for a walk, give a hand to your neighbors, and make some good money out of it.

In case you’re mature enough, pet sitting might include staying overnight in the master’s home until they are out of town.

Customer Service Representative

Excellent job for highly talkative teens (we’re kidding!). Obviously, you need to be a social person to deal with customers’ requests, but this job is very gratifying and can lead to more exciting employment opportunities in the future.

With companies like LionBridge and Staples, you can start a customer service job from home. It’s a great experience because you will deal with many different people and learn the art of conflict resolution.

As an alternative to customer service, try becoming a personal assistant. Plenty of big bosses are looking for fearless young people, with lots of energy and motivation for a change.

Check the opportunities with online entrepreneurs who need help running the day-to-day aspects of their business.

Work at a Grocery or Retail Store

A job which might sound boring, but it gives you the essential skills for adult life. Working at a grocery store is an opportunity to mix work and school since you can come to a store on weekdays.

Take a look at the nearest shopping malls: what do they sell, how do they work, and if they have job openings? The hours at such jobs are flexible enough to fit into the teenager’s tight schedule.

Summing Up

As you may see, a great job opportunity can be just around the corner. All you should do is spend some time and find out what you like.

If you like to create, go on Etsy; if you like to communicate, apply as a customer service rep; if you’re not a morning person, do some photography stuff at a convenient time.

Whatever job you apply for, do it with love and motivation. Take time to assess your skill set, along with your interests.

Remember that even the most famous people had once started as waiters or call center agents. So, use every job as an opportunity to learn something new!

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