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Top Freelance Jobs for Writing

To meet up with increased demand and shortage of work population, freelancing online has become the order of the day. Correspondingly, an increased number in labour unions and laws, have now made it such that certain business owners and entrepreneurs now prefer working with non-payroll staff or rather contract staff to boycott additional benefits accrued to full staff that act as an economic strain on themselves (business owners). For writers, this is the perfect chance, jobs online – the better of two worlds – having the disposition of working from home while ensuring continuity of one’s ability to earn without any formal office settings restrictions. Writing is a job highly dependent on the creativity of the worker, due to the ease of working offsite, hence, freelance is the natural option for writers.

Freelance writing jobs provides writers with the freedom to actively participate in other activities, without having to be holed up someplace most of their time to meet deadlines. Complementary to this, one finds scholars scowling through the internet in search of paid freelance writing opportunities for college students. These sites provide part-time jobs for students to gain both in remuneration and experience through mentorship programs. Thus, freelancing well utilized serves as an opportunity for writers to self-develop their skill set, setting out time to hone specific skills depending on public demand.

This write-up lists the best online freelance jobs for writers, based on the level of professionalism and payoffs.

Advertising/Feature writing

In the world of business, with the advent of technology, as part of a means of mass communication, short summaries of products and services are necessary. These write-ups are used to influence the decision-making processes of prospective customers and end-users in regards to the products / service in question. As is common knowledge that a well-written advertisement increases brand exposure and can drive sales.

For marketers, the need for contracts involving freelance writers is preferable, and writers get to have an array of a line of products and services to write on. Thus, you’re expected to

  • have sufficient understanding of the demographic details of your readers;
  • making use of certain words (slangs, colloquies, etc.) to better connect;
  • Produce informal content to ease flow and approach of understanding.


Blogging is one of the best online freelance jobs out there. Being one of the early developing fields for writers, Blogging didn’t start as a writing job; but rather, it started as a means for writers to have a personal log made public. It has now evolved into something more, something better! It is now a platform, where writers can be paid to from time to time give objective views on varying subjects ranging from politics to healthcare, academics, theology, etc.

Furthermore, it allows for freelance writers to build trust and confidentiality with readers as they have to ability to communicate through the comment sections. These help writers as a feedback tool to ascertain the degree of public opinion, understanding, and response to their works.

Content writing

This entails that your ability to put out write-ups that are engaging with your class of readers to be put out on the web as sourced data. This data is to be used as content, fit for various functions on the internet.

Most people, on the internet, aren’t gifted with the usage of words to express concepts and ideas. Usually, the more abstract the topic of the concept, the more difficult it is to pass along via writing. Here, as a freelance writer, you state in clear political acceptable terms, simple, easy-to-relate explanations of different topics for pages, posters, webinars, etc. also the following duties are usually enlisted in job descriptions:

  • Check for keywords; placing them in a manner that is neither glaring nor misunderstood,
  • Develop quality content that allows site visitors to ascertain the expected level of professionalism and work ethics,
  • Produce content that serves as indicators of a fast-paced, growing business environment.

Social media content writing

With a massive increase in the use of social media platforms-owing to the availability of personal computers (pc) – a need arose as the technology age was ushered in; a need for writers to give briefs of social media activities on brand platforms. , to communicate better with the online global audience.

This write-up helps as briefs or thumbnails to tell site visitors the essentials of a social media platform. Answering frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) like:

  • What the platform is about
  • Products, services, or programs promoted
  • Troubleshooting and customer care representation

Furthermore, this job sometimes includes managing all content creation (although not user-generated content) passing through the site of companies to set the desired public image for the public eye to behold.


Generally speaking, copywriting is very similar to advertisement writing, in the sense that they both promote services or products of a brand group or company. The major difference is that here, your job is to convince the prospective customer to carry out a specific task, i.e. it is task-oriented.

This is achieved through the following

  • Aim solely on the main topic
  • Showing chronological order with available facts
  • Having details showing annotated diagrams, sketches, and examples (if needed)
  • Educate, inform and make clear all the terms and conditions applied (to the extent possible)
  • Discuss the next action plan to make the decision.

 Above all, you’re expected to bring to light the cause and effect of the action to be taken in an appealing manner that is both interesting and exciting for the prospective end-user. Thus, making copywriting a favorite among writers, because it requires little formal orientation, as most creativity stems from the writer’s persona and experiences.

However, there exist multiple ways of making money as a freelancer through writing on the internet today. The above listed are the most common and highly sought after means of accomplishing this.

The earning rates of each of them vary significantly with the writer’s experience, credibility, and bargaining power.

Nonetheless, as the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”. So with the passage of time and concentrated efforts, there’s bound to be a notable increment in both professionalism and dividend thereof.


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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