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Ready to Learn How to Make Money on Amazon? Here’s How to Get Started

Amazon has changed the way people buy and sell products. It has also provided a way for aspiring entrepreneurs to make money. However, you cannot just simply add your product on Amazon. There are also ways for you to rank higher in that fierce competition, and that’s what you need to find out more. Selling products through FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), writing e-books, and selling wholesale products are just a few of these ways.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is the platform where third-party sellers can sell their products on Amazon. Most of these items are stored in Amazon warehouses and shipped by Amazon employees, simplifying the process for sellers and giving buyers the confidence that buying from Amazon provides. This is one of the biggest ways that many people are making money on Amazon.

A seller first sends his items to an Amazon warehouse. There are around 100 warehouses, and Amazon will tell you where to send your product, according to what type of product it is. Once they receive the items, they will sort them and give them tracking codes. When a customer orders your item, Amazon will track it and ship it. The inventory will automatically be updated. Both the seller and buyer will be able to track the item during shipping. Amazon handles any customer support issues, such as returns. The seller will receive payment from Amazon FBA every other week.

There are, of course, fees involved in using Amazon FBA. Sellers always pay a storage fee and fulfillment fee. Certain items also have additional fees, such as oversized items, clothing, and dangerous goods.  

Sell Handmade Goods

There always seems to be a market for handcrafted items. Joining Amazon Handmade allows you to sell your homemade items on Amazon. There are currently sellers from over 80 countries selling on this Handmade platform. There is an artisan-only application and audit process, to ensure that the items are truly homemade. The fees are very straightforward for this program. Sellers pay just a 15% referral fee for each item sold on Amazon.

Sell Professional Services

Not only can tangible items be sold on Amazon, but professional services can be sold through Amazon Services. There are no monthly fees or upfront costs. Professionals pay a percentage of their revenue back to Amazon. Some common services are education, landscaping, pet care, vehicles, health and beauty, consumer electronics, business, and apparel and jewelry. 

Work from Home

Many of Amazon’s customer service representatives work from home. There are representatives from 130 locations worldwide, speaking 16 languages. Amazon is often hiring for this role, as it continues to expand its services. Another flexible job is driving for Amazon through Amazon Flex. Drivers usually make between $18-25 per hour and with the use of MyFlexBot app, they can even double that amount. As the name of the program suggests, the schedule is flexible. Drivers are needed seven days a week and are in extra demand during the holidays.

The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Service allows writers to publish their books within 24-48 hours. They are then available online worldwide. Writers set their prices, adjust content as desired, and earn up to 70% of the revenue. Aspiring authors can jump-start their careers with this great program.

Amazon is a marketplace of sales. Entrepreneurs are generating money in a variety of ways that are both flexible and enjoyable. From selling products with Amazon FBA to driving on the weekends, the opportunity exists for people of all abilities to make a sizable income or even just a little extra spending money.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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