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Gratitude Guide: How to Express Gratitude in the Corporate World

Expressing gratitude is important in all aspects of our lives, but it can be particularly vital in the corporate world. If clients and employees don’t feel valued, they won’t want to continue doing business with you, so be sure to take the tips below on board:

Small Tokens

One of the quickest and easiest ways to show gratitude is to buy corporate gifts online and send them out with a handwritten thank you note. This delivers the added benefit of providing more exposure for your brand. Because the gift came with something personalised, your client will also feel more subtly aligned with your business.

Say Thank You

Possibly the simplest way to show gratitude to your team is to say thank you when an employee completes a task. While staff don’t need to be thanked daily for simply doing their job (this would cause the phrase to lose meaning), they’ll appreciate it if you show gratitude any time they go above and beyond. If you feel a bigger thank you is due, those same corporate gifts you selected for clients can work perfectly as employee gifts. Once again, high-quality branded pens, USB drives, and other relevant items can help your team feel more invested in the business.

Be Loyal

To foster loyalty and a positive work environment, a good employer should prioritize fair compensation, job security, and constructive feedback. This shows employees they’re valued and encourages them to reciprocate that loyalty.

By the same token, if you feel like you have the best tax agent, don’t go looking for somewhere marginally cheaper or flashier. Sticking with one contractor and treating them well pays dividends over the long term, and looking for a cheaper or “better” option when you already have a solid connection with a service provider is a recipe for disaster. Basically, contractors and business partners should be able to reasonably expect your loyalty and fair compensation when they play their part well.

Make Time For Team Building

Team building activities can add fun to your staff members’ days and create a more positive atmosphere in the office. By facilitating this, you’re showing that you’re grateful for each member of your team while also helping them to grow together. This creates more cohesion and, therefore, better results and outputs. In other words, everyone wins.

Note: It is important that any teamwork training is done during employees’ standard work hours. If done outside of hours it can be seen as the company intruding on their personal time – something you never want to do, especially not when you’re looking to express gratitude.

Be Flexible

You may not think that flexibility has anything to do with gratitude, but allowing an employee to switch their hours when needed shows that you appreciate them. The same goes for things like putting in effort to ensure everything runs smoothly while your business partner is on leave.

Appreciation and gratitude go hand in hand and by expressing one, you’ll also be expressing the other. We’re not saying you have to be flexible to the point where you’re making things incredibly hard for yourself. However, small concessions and offers of help can often mean the world to the other party.

Being grateful can help improve your wellbeing, both personally and professionally. You’d be surprised how easy it is to build relationships when you genuinely appreciate people. By implementing these methods, you should soon see growth in your business thanks to the positive environment you’ll be crafting. So, there really is no downside.

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