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10 Weird But Legit Ways That You Can Make Extra Bucks Online

Making money online is becoming more and more popular in today’s fast paced world. With the increased use of the internet, people are no longer just checking out their social media the whole day, but they are exploring the different ways that they can make money, and rightly so, as economical times are getting harder by the day.

Sometimes it is not always the online freelance work like writing, blogging, graphic design and many of the more common ways of making money online as taught on websites such as The Money Pig. In some instances, there are other opportunities for making money which are not quite what everyone imagines. They might seem a little unusual, but then that is the beauty of cyberspace and the fact that you can make money on it.

Here are some ways that you could call weird but they indeed can make you that much needed extra buck.

1. Matchmaking

You could be romantic at heart or not. Either way, you can make money through matchmaking if you love the idea of helping people find their perfect matches, or if you simply want to make money online through a legit platform. You have the option of working from home as a personal matchmaker who helps people find the ideal person to date and in some instances even marry. Platforms such as Tawkify offer matchmaking opportunities and are known for their 80% success rate for their matches. On the Tawkify site, for example, some matchmakers make up to 6-figures of income.

2. Mock Jury

You read that right, it is indeed mock jury. If you think this is a very cool way to make money then you will make money helping lawyers prepare for real trials. All you need to do is sign up with one of the many platforms that offer money for this service. A good example is an website where you can make between $5 to $10 per case and receive payment through PayPal. An easy way to make money.

3. Write Greeting Cards

If you are creative with beautiful words then you can put that talent into pretty good use by writing and not the usual writing of blog posts but simply writing greeting cards. These cards could be birthday, holiday or any other form of greeting cards. You can make up to $300 for the right to your card or make around $50 per accepted card idea. Put your creativity with words into something less tiring and fun like greeting cards and earn from it. You can sign up with sites such as Blue Mountain Arts or Calypso Cards just to mention a few. You could also do your search on similar sites that have better terms and payments.

4. Get Paid For Your Junk Mail.

Most of us get thousands of emails regularly and we just let it pile up and eventually just delete all of it. Well, don’t delete your emails anymore because there are platforms out there that will pay you for your junk email. Most of them accept direct mail and emails and will, in turn, offer you a prepaid credit card or gift card as a reward. You can make around $20 or more after every 6-10 weeks which could be helpful. You may be asking yourself why you would get paid for your junk mail and why it is valuable to the one paying for it. This is because sites that pay for them are usually market research company that studies various types of marketing material. Most of your junk mail is marketing material and studying it would be very helpful to them. A good example of a site that will pay you for your junk mail is SBK Center (Small Business Knowledge Center) which will pay you for your junk mail.

5. Losing Weight

Need a good motivation on losing the extra pounds? Then simply get paid online for doing so and look healthier than before. There are sites where you can make thousands of dollars by reaching your weight loss goal or winning a top prize in a competition. Sites such as HealthyWage and DietBet pay well for such activities. Now you have no reason not to lose those extra pounds and while you are at it, you can get paid.

6. Sell Your Old Gift Cards

You could be having a bunch of old gift cards in your house that you don’t want. Instead of ignoring them or getting rid of them, you can simply sell them on platforms such as Raise for cash. On such platforms, you can sell even your partially used gift card if you want. The point of such a platform is buying gift cards from people who don’t want them and presenting opportunities for others to buy them at discounted prices.

7. Get Paid To Walk Around

Sounds unreal right? Well, it is as real as they get. Since this is something you do every day unless you are officially a couch potato, why not get paid to do it. Apps such as Bitwalking have been known to pay people in cryptocurrency when they just walk around. After this, you don’t have an excuse not to earn extra cash online.

8. Sell Your Friendship

As unbelievable as it may seem you can indeed sell your friendship and many people are willing to pay for it. All you need to do is sell your time by the hour to go and do friend stuff with others and have a fun time at various events. A site such as RentaFriend allows you to make money by selling your friendship and especially if you are a friendly and outgoing person.

9. Sell Your Smartphone Photos

With the age of increased smartphone use, you probably have a lot of cool photos in your gallery. Now those cool photos shouldn’t just sit there but they should make you money. Apps such as Foap and Clashot can help you make up to $5 per download. Some apps give you the freedom to set the price and you can set the price as high as $50 even $100 depending on the quality of your photo.

10. Sell Your Hair

Have a lot of healthy hair and are broke? Well, you can make money by cutting it off and selling it to someone who can use it to make human hair wigs, art or something else. Sites such as HairSellOn pay hundreds and in some instances thousands of dollars for healthy hair. If you are not sure how much your hair is worth, most of these sites also have a hair worth estimator like AfroLovely, to help you determine that. If you have healthy hair that grows on fast, then you have an online business opportunity right there. Crazy right?

Well, there you have, the weird list of making money online. You have no excuse now, join the hordes of people that are earning extra cash today and earn your extra buck without any professional skills.

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