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10 Important Legal Marketing Books Lawyers Need To Read In 2020

For your service to stand out in the crowded space that is the legal sector, legal marketing is an essential skill

Marketing is now a prerequisite if you want your service to be considered by clients, especially if you’re offering your services in a crowded local market.

With too much choice, clients may be choosing your service not for the quality you offer, but just by chance. With these influential legal marketing books, you can change that.

Marketing is a tool that is still not used by all legal practices, so it is your chance to get ahead and make a name for yourself locally and eventually, nationally.

This contribution was made by M. Ammar Shahid from Angel Jacket

Renegade Lawyer Marketing by Ben Glass

Many of us don’t understand that marketing actually works to get the users and producers close to each other. This book describes the same thing in detail to lawyers so that they can find clients using marketing knowledge.

This contribution was made by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

Tiger Tactics by Jay Ruane

The Tiger Tactics is about the stories, the struggles, and the practical advice necessary to thrive in the law practice jungle.

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The Lawyer Marketing Book by Matt Starosciak

This book is easy to relate to and conveys words of wisdom for lawyers looking to learn about marketing. It includes more than 60 stories detailing which mistakes to avoid and what the best practices are to get high-value clients and maximize revenue. It’s a great way to learn from an expert all about lawyer marketing to improve your business.

This contribution was made by Brett Holubeck from Texas Labor Law Blog

The Small Firm Roadmap by Aaron Street

The book complements the Lawyerist Podcast and website that the authors manage and provides practical guidance on everything a lawyer needs to know to improve their practice and run a future oriented law firm. The book does a great job helping lawyers understanding and implementing marketing practices while running a law firm and completing legal work.

This contribution was made by Anderson Franco from AndersonFranco

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This book shares fundamental communication techniques that are particularly useful for engaging people and making meaningful connections. Any attorney whose practice relies on networking and referral sources can benefit from the simple tools highlighted in this book. In brief, it outlines how to be an effective communicator and to stay top of mind.

This contribution was made by Andrew Jezic from Law Offices of Jezic and Moyse

The Game Changing Attorney by Michael Mogill

The Game Changing Attorney is a comprehensive book for lawyers that covers marketing strategies that are specific to attorneys and firms. The book talks about marketing to land high quality, visual marketing techniques, and much more. A must read for any lawyer wanting to get ahead in the competitive legal market.

This contribution was made by Justin Lovely from The Lovely Law Firm

The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allen Dib

Lawyers have so much to do every day in the office, particularly when they’re starting out or in their growth stages. The one thing lawyers must spend time on to be successful and separate themselves from the crowd is their marketing. As your practice grows, you lose the bandwidth that is needed on marketing activities for continued growth. The successful lawyer knows the solution to this problem – delegation. Delegating your marketing to trusted and trained staff is the key to a successful practice. The 1-Page Marketing Plan serves two purposes for the lawyer. First, it simplifies marketing. Things you are already probably doing can be summarized and systematized following the teachings in this book. The second great thing this book allows is providing a guidebook for your marketing staff. When you are done with the book and your 1-Page Marketing Plan you and your marketing staff (with your delegated tasks) are set up for success. I highly recommend it!

This contribution was made by Darryl Smith from Florida Car Accident Lawyer Team

The Legal Marketing Fastlane by Jan Roos

The Legal Marketing Fastlane is a great book for any lawyer that wants to get ahead of internet advertising game. The book covers all aspects of PPC advertising, and the tools associated with it. If your firm is struggling to get clients from the internet, I would suggest reading and implementing the teachings in this book.

This contribution was made by Melanie Musson from HomeInsuranceRates

Business Development for Lawyers By Michelle Cotter Richards

Originate specifically deals with marketing for BigLaw. There are marketing principles for lawyers that don’t change, and there are marketing techniques that change with progress and technology. This book deals with both these aspects and gives the reader practical instruction on how to implement successful marketing for their firm.

This contribution was made by Brian Joslyn from Joslyn Law Firm

The Business of Criminal Law By Joshua Baron

A fantastic book if you are in or plan to be in the niche practice of criminal law. It’s not easy to be a good criminal defense attorney but to become a good one you need to have clients. You can have all the knowledge in the world about criminal law but if you don’t have clients you never get to exercise that knowledge. This book does a great job of preparing you to become confident not just as a criminal defense lawyer but as a businessman. Through Mr. Baron’s experiences, this book will help you understand how to become a good businessman and criminal defense attorney.

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