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11 Best Marketing Books Breaking The Mold In 2020

Marketing is a field that never sleeps. Keep up to date on the latest concepts and ideas from 2020

Marketing is all about how to get ahead of the rest. That also means that new ideas and concepts are constantly popping up as marketing experts strive to stand out.

These books are specifically chosen for their innovative methods and advice that is new for 2020. With long-standing experts of the marketing space writing about their new findings of what works, you can rely on their experience and confidently use their strategies. If you think you’ve tried everything, these are your next step.

This contribution was made by Erico Franco from Gravity Digital Marketing

Professional Services Marketing by Mike Schultz

This is the best marketing book I’ve read up to today took a long time to read it but is a perfect book for branding. Although it is a book that requires a good effort from the reader, it is ideal as it gives a deeper marketing view on how to increase your branding. As branding is directly related to the consumer’s experience and in what impression the brand will leave to the public, this book has much to teach on the subject.

This contribution was made by Elmer Taboada from DaVinci Tech

The Definitive Guide to Strategic Content Marketing by Lazar Dzamic

This book is a goldmine if you want to know what goes inside the brains of experts. It contains over 60 interviews from prominent names in the industry, which can broaden your perspective about brand building.

This contribution was made by Elmer Taboada from DaVinci Tech

The Choice Factory by Richard Shotton

Marketers need to understand the reasons behind buyer decision. This book helps marketers apply behavioral science into their marketing strategies, which can drastically improve their ability to conceptualize a plan that works.

This contribution was made by Chinedu Chiana from Smart Long Term Investor

Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

As described by Robert Kiyosaki in the foreward, Expert Secrets provides the strategy anyone can use to turn their specialized knowledge, talents and abilities into a business. The book will show you to find and build customers willing to pay for the value you provide from your knowledge and ability.

This contribution was made by Chinedu Chiana from Smart Long Term Investor

DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson

DotCom Secrets teaches a simple process that any company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversions and sales online. It shows the strategy on how to use sales funnels to increase lead and sales generation.

This contribution was made by Chinedu Chiana from Smart Long Term Investor

Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards

Many marketing campaigns fail from having a poor copy. In Copywriting Secrets, Jim Edwards goes into the fundamentals orf writing copy, from headlines, sales letters to emails to show the strategies to wite high converting copy.

This contribution was made by Ian Kelly from NuLeaf Naturals

Context Marketing Revolution by Mathew Sweezey

Getting through to customers who are overwhelmed with constant marketing messages is a challenge facing every marketer. Mathew Sweezey offers practical advice to break through the noise to reach customers, especially as people are becoming able to dictate which marketing messages they see, and which they don’t.

This contribution was made by Marcus Wadell from Sound Emblem

Positioning by Al Ries

Positioning is a timeless book on how brand positioning differentiates products and services. Staying true to your brand’s position is integral to the long-term health of the brand. Sacrificing it for short-term gains can have a negative impact.

This contribution was made by Sam Harrison from ZingZone

Creative Zing! by Sam Harrison

Effective marketing depends on a steady stream of strong ideas and the ability of marketers to get those ideas accepted by their clients and managers. Creative Zing! Is a valuable guidebook for marketers because it reinforces habits and techniques for generating ideas and how to effective pitch ideas to decision makers.

This contribution was made by Lonny Kocina from Media Relations Agency

The CEO’s Guide to Marketing by Lonny Kocina

The CEO’s Guide to Marketing outlines a six-step process called Strategically Aimed Marketing, or SAM 6® for short. It will bring clarity to marketing like you’ve never experienced before. It’s literally a step-by-step guide to more leads, higher sales and a stronger brand. While the title suggests this book is only for CEOs–the subtitle points out that it’s not. If you are a marketing manager, writer, graphic designer or anyone else who has a hand in marketing, you should buy this book and read it before your CEO does. After all, as a marketing professional, you should know more about marketing than your CEO. You don’t want to be caught flat-footed or off guard. The CEO’s Guide to Marketing will make you the smartest marketer in the room, and that’s no kidding around. You are going to wish you had this book years ago. Strategically Aimed Marketing–SAM 6®–eliminates these challenges and improves your team’s marketing by organizing their efforts. It uses a streamlined, six-step process that’s easy to implement, fun to follow and amazingly effective. It reduces any confusion around your marketing initiatives and creates a unified team that’s laser-focused on producing campaigns that get results.

This contribution was made by Andrew Maff from AndrewMaff

Top of Mind by John Hall

Although this book wasn’t released in 2020, it’s lessons can be used now more than ever. I’ve had my team reference it more and more simply because there is so much content being put out not that remaining at the forefront continues to be challenge. This book really opens your eyes on how to innovate to remain top of mind without being unnecessarily over the top.

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