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Artists Must Read These Marketing Books To Stand Out

The best marketing books written specifically for artists. Make your passion into the dream career!

Graduates of creative programs find it extremely hard to get jobs in this field. You also might be thinking that being an artist is reserved for others.

The truth is, your talent doesn’t determine your success in the art world. Unfortunately for purists, it’s name recognition and the emotions that your name evokes from art buyers.

That means these marketing books are incredibly important if you want your art to reach far and wide. The unique challenges you’ll find along the way are covered in these books, written by experts in marketing in the arts.

These are authors whose time you couldn’t buy – so it is amazing that you can buy hundreds of pages of their advice and guidance for a few bucks!

This contribution was made by Sam Harrison from ZingZone

Creative Zing! by Sam Harrison

To market successfully, artists need to generate a constant flow of fresh ideas and have the ability to effectively present their ideas to their audiences and decision makers. My new book provides tips and tools to help readers maintain and rejuvenate their creativity and polish their presentation and speaking skills.

This contribution was made by M. Ammar Shahid from SuperHeroCorp

The Value of Art by Michael Findlay

Written by the expert of art culture Michael Findlay, it is a practical guide to make profit from unique sculptures, artisan paintings, and other artwork. By adopting the valuable tips given in this book, an artist can easily turn alluring beauty into powerful money.

This contribution was made by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

The Artist’s Guide by Jackie Battenfield

The author presents strategies for self-management, including marketing, online promotion, building professional relationships, grant writing, and portfolio development. This book is brimming with field-tested information on how to build and maintain a professional art career.

This contribution was made by Stephanie Lane from SafeSpaceHub

How To Sell Your Art Online by Cory Huff

This book provides an essential guide for aspiring artists who could learn a thing or two about the marketing world. Moving past the idea that you need the gallery system to sell your art, How To Sell Your Art Online teaches artists how to successfully market and sell their work!

This contribution was made by Mark from Iconic Genius

How To Turn Clicks Into Customers by James Marques

I am a digital marketing specialist and I recommend this book because it gives you actionable strategies that you can start using before you even finish the book! I am also looking for ways to improve my craft. What I like most is that this book shares a few mainstays in digital marketing that will never ever change.

This contribution was made by Joel A. Almazar from Upgrow

Guerrilla Marketing for Artists by Barney Davis

In this book, the main focus is to teach the artist how he can take full control of his art career. The books details strategies on how you can go about establishing your main goals. It also discusses how you should plan and implement your marketing strategies for maximum results. You will learn how to build relationships and grow your client base to help you succeed as an artist.

This contribution was made by Melanie Musson from TexasCarInsurance

Graphic Artist Guild Handbook By Artist Guild Graphic

This book draws on the expertise and experience of the members of the Artist Guild. It covers everything from how to find the clients that are looking for what you create to how to handle legal issues in your work. This handbook was written so that you can confidently handle every aspect of your artistic work successfully.

This contribution was made by Mikki Stith from Your Creativity Business

Content Rules by Ann Handley

Content is the key to today’s marketing landscape, and artists are producing new work all the time! Content Rules by Ann Handley and C. C. Chapman gives you the necessary tools to create content that people will care about and share.

The first section walks you through the rules for creating valuable content, and then they talk you through each type of content and the specific tasks you need to get the content right. With plenty of case studies, checklists, and homework, Content Rules has everything to set up a content marketing strategy that rocks, and it’s presented in a format that is easy for us artists to understand!

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