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5 Influential Books About Restaurant Marketing

A good menu and service is not always enough. Name recognition and appeal is equally important in the restaurant business

The restaurant business can be unforgiving. You might have all the essentials of a good restaurant, but the sub-par chain next door still gets more people through their doors.

If you want to be a big name in town, marketing is the most effective way to reach more eyes and persuade them to try you out. So we chose the marketing books written specifically for restaurant businesses. No more unrelatable case studies and irrelevant marketing drivel – these books will make sense to every restaurant owner.

Most importantly, the ideas and concepts these authors provide are possible to implement, and see great results. We also chose authors who have experience of managing a restaurant business – so you can learn from the best!

This contribution was made by Mark Jackson from Iconic Genius

How To Turn Clicks Into Customers by James Marques

It’s not just for restaurants but I am a digital marketing specialist. and I recommend this book because it gives you actionable strategies that you can start using before you even finish the book! I am also looking for ways to improve my craft. What I like most is that this book shares a few mainstays in digital marketing that will never ever change.

This contribution was made by Allison Chaney from Boot Camp Digital

Digital Marketing That Actually Works the Ultimate Guide by Krista Neher

While the concepts in this book work for any type of business, this is a great resource for restaurants. It breaks down the steps to building a marketing plan and focuses on tools and tips for how to get maximum impact.

This contribution was made by Joel A. Almazar from Upgrow

Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

This book focuses on the StoryBrand Framework and how it can be applied to the restaurant business. Here, it is discussed how you should position your restaurant as the guide and your customers as the main characters in their own stories. This method works for any type of business but it best fits restaurants which is fully detailed in the book.

This contribution was made by Joel A. Almazar from Upgrow

Guest-Based Marketing by Bill Marvin

This book shares an innovative approach in restaurant marketing. The author explains that restaurateurs should focus on pleasing their customers rather than beating their competition. The book details how you can identify your hidden strengths and capitalize on them to be the best at what you do.

This contribution was made by Joel A. Almazar from Upgrow

Don’t 86 Your Restaurant Sales by Matt Plapp

You can’t deny the ever-growing influence of the digital world today. Almost every person has access to the internet which is why businesses need to have an online presence. This book is accompanied by an online training course that comes with web pages and videos for each lesson. It gives a complete guide on how to create the most powerful marketing strategies for a restaurant business.

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