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13+ Personal Productivity Apps That Will Change Your Life

Apps to increase productivity can include anything from time management to note-taking and file sharing. Check out our list of 13 top personal productivity apps.

13+ Apps to Increase Productivity

Whether we need help keeping organized, reducing distractions, or boosting motivation, productivity is something we all struggle with from time to time. Fortunately for our day and age, technology provides us with a treasure trove of personal productivity apps. From note-taking apps to file sharing, time management, and project management, we’ve put together a list of 13 of the best apps to increase productivity.

1. Evernote

Evernote provides a secure place to create, save, organize, and present your notes in a systematic manner. This cross-platform app even allows you to upload images, audio, and videos.


Brimming with innovative features, this surprisingly simple app enables you to create to-do lists, reminders, notes, and events. With an intuitive interface and seamless synchronization across devices, is an excellent way to manage your daily schedule with confidence.

3. Fantastical 2 for Mac and iPhone

Easily view and manage daily, weekly, and monthly events with this iOS app. With iOS reminders integrated into the app, you’ll even be able to send birthday wishes from your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

4. Dropbox

A classic in the file sharing world, Dropbox is one of the earliest online data storage apps. With Dropbox, you can upload files, images, videos, and other data into a secure folder. Uploaded files can then be viewed and downloaded by whomever you share them with for seamless collaboration

5. Tick Tick

This simple personal productivity app features Gmail integration and syncs across Android, iOS, and web platforms. Create reminders, set multiple priorities, and customize notifications to help you meet deadlines.

6. Google Keep

Jot down your ideas and keep them organized with this uncomplicated notetaking app. Designed for iOS and Android devices, Google Keep allows you to create a collection of color-coded sticky notes. Access your notes from anywhere, as this app syncs across devices.

7. Wunderlist

This beloved app enables you to create lists of to-do’s, ideas, and aspirations, and share them with your friends and coworkers. From trip itineraries to project collaboration, this app’s intuitive design and real-time synchronization makes Wunderlist a must-have.

8. Asana

Simplify your work day by reducing the number of internal emails, delegating tasks between colleagues, and checking on project statuses—all from one central dashboard.

9. Focus@Will

If you like to listen to music while you work but can’t find the right playlist to boost your productivity, Focus@Will is the app for you. This app features exclusive playlists that are designed to maximize your focus and encourage creativity.

10. FlipBoard

Need to keep up with multiple news feeds and moment-by-moment industry changes? FlipBoard summarizes your favorite feeds so you can access the information you need in one convenient place.

11. Contactually

With Contactually, you can segment your contacts list and delegate follow-up cycles for each category. With reminders of who to contact and when, you’ll never lose touch with your team or your prospects.

12. Buffer

Social media managers, this app is for you. Buffer allows you to handle up to 3 accounts with scheduled queues of 10 posts per account for free, with access to more accounts, more posts, and additional resources for premium users. Buffer integrates with Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media services.

13. TeamViewer

This powerful app allows you to access and utilize remote devices as though you were sitting directly in front of them. Free for private use, TeamViewer works with iOS and Android devices as well as desktop computers.

Personal productivity apps are helpful in virtually any industry. Whether you run a martial arts business and need to keep track of your classes or are an artist in need of a way to organize your ideas, these efficiency apps are surely to be a gamechanger.

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