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The Inevitable Rise Of AI: How To Embrace Artificial Intelligence In Your Professional Life

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way the world works. However, many people don’t believe it’s for the better. The fear of AI taking over the world has been an age-old concept that many people still fear, even if it’s better left in sci-fi stories where it belongs. In the age of technology, we should be embracing the emergence of this transformative tool.

“AI has the ability to change the world for better or worse, so it’s about time everyone started embracing it for what it is,” suggests Ryan Rottman, Co-Founder and CEO of OSDB.

When it comes to business, there are many ways we can embrace artificial intelligence. From automating tasks to enhancing productivity, AI offers plenty of benefits in a variety of fields. Even though many of us fear AI taking jobs away from human workers, we need to start seeing it as a tool to enhance our jobs rather than a threat.

What Is AI?

Artificial intelligence has been at the forefront of workplace discussions over the past year. With the release of tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Microsoft’s new Bing, many people have already seen changes being implemented based on these new programs.

“AI is a tool that you can use to enhance the way you do just about anything. It has the ability to perceive, gather data, and mimic human conversation. In fact, there’s not much it can’t do for us,” muses Dominique Zimmermann, CEO & Head Designer of Bombshell Sportswear.

AI is officially defined as a machine’s ability to perform the cognitive functions we associate with human minds, such as perceiving, reasoning, and learning. AI programs are able to generate anything from text to images to video and are constantly evolving. We expect to see AI continue to grow and change in the coming years.

How is it Used in Business?

Applied AI has the ability to make a serious impact on business. Companies have the potential to make companies more efficient and profitable when using AI assistance. However, the true value of AI comes from how companies are able to apply it to their operations.

“In business, automation through AI will change how every industry operates. It’ll be interesting to watch businesses adapt over time as the technology continues to develop,” says George Fraguio, Vice President of Bridge Lending at Vaster Capital.

Much of the panic that people feel regarding AI in business surrounds AI replacing humans. The good news is that AI is not in a position to operate without human assistance, at least for now. AI is more of a tool to assist humans in accomplishing tasks that would otherwise be mundane or monotonous.

Introducing AI to Your Team

If you are looking to introduce AI to your team, you want to approach the matter with tact. Because of the above mentioned concerns regarding AI, you want to make sure your team doesn’t feel like their jobs are being threatened. Try framing AI as a tool to enhance the work they already do.

“It’s completely normal to feel trepidation when it comes to AI. There has been fear-mongering surrounding it since its inception. However, it’s time society moved past that line of thinking, especially when there’s so much we can learn from it,” suggests Justin Soleimani, Co-Founder of Tumble.

Make sure your team knows that their work is valued and that you are bringing in AI tools to free them from some of their more boring clerical tasks. You can liken the addition of AI in the workplace to automation. The concept of automation has been around for years, and it has not replaced the entire human workforce like some once thought.

Getting To Know AI

Encourage your team to play around with AI programs like ChatGPT. As your team gets to know the programs better, they will start to feel more comfortable and less intimidated by the software. Keep things light at first and have your employees ask the AI simple questions.

“The more you use AI, the more you’ll find that you like it. There is no form of automation quite like it. It’s remarkable, really,” advises Daniel Osman, Head of Sales and Operations at Balance.

As your team plays around with AI, they may start to come up with new, unique, and creative ways to use it. Discuss the team’s findings in your weekly meetings to keep the lines of communication open so they can suggest improvements to your AI initiatives as they learn more about how it works in your specific field.

Employee Confidence in AI

At the end of the day, AI exists to assist us and make our lives easier — and there’s a good chance that your team members use many different forms of technology to enhance their lives on a daily basis. Whether it’s Alexa, a Google Home device, or even Siri on your phone, these technologies are a positive force in our lives.

“Humans have been embracing intelligent forms of technology for a long time now. If you have an iPhone, you are carrying one around with you right now. Don’t let the emergence of programs like ChatGPT scare you away,” cautions Susan Kim Shaffer, President and Co-Founder of Pneuma Nitric Oxide.

As you implement AI in your workplace, tension amongst your employees will start to ease, and your employees will start to come around. Talking through their concerns about this new technology is important as a leader.

Improving Your Skills With AI

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AI is an efficient tool to help expand your knowledge in a particular field. Some users have reported it helping them become more confident in their skills. Programmers, writers, and editors alike can use AI to handle the parts of their jobs that are less pleasant, allowing them to focus on the aspects of their work that they truly enjoy.

“Don’t let the fear of artificial intelligence rule your life. Instead, use it to enhance your life,” suggests Max Ade, CEO of Pickleheads.

You can ask AI questions about virtually anything. You can ask it to clarify a concept that you were confused about. You can ask it to edit and improve your writing. It can also offer fresh insights on topics that you are burnt out on. The possibilities truly are endless.

Writing With AI

As previously mentioned, AI needs to be used with human oversight. You should never submit an AI written assignment without first looking it over. That being said, you can use AI as your writer and you can act as the editor. If you have emails to answer, you can ask AI to draft responses for you. Sure, you’ll have to go back and edit them, but the bulk of the work was already done for you.

“AI needs you more than you need it. The need for human oversight is what will keep people employed in their field of choice for years to come,” reminds Dorothy Pun, Founder of Knitup.

If you have used AI to generate text, you are already familiar with why it requires a pair of human eyes to look it over. AI writing can be long, wordy, and repetitive. And AI as a whole lacks contextual understanding. But with a bit of human oversight, it is a fantastic time-saving tool.

Automating With AI

If you can free up some of your time by letting AI take over some of the more repetitive and time-consuming tasks, you will be free to pursue more complex and creative ventures. The idea is that this will eventually lead to more fulfilling career opportunities for people in all fields of work.

“Ironically, by using machines to speed up workflows, it means you can give your work a more human touch, you have much more time to ideate, to think outside the box, rather than just going through the motions of getting it done,” points out Gus Nisbet, Senior Creative Strategist for MassiveMusic.

If you are someone who wants to focus on creativity in their career, AI is going to help you achieve that. The time that is freed up by AI is going to enable workers to focus more on innovation and creativity. If you want to pursue a career in that area, there has never been a better time to embrace AI.

Collecting Data With AI

Companies now have the ability to collect an enormous amount of data using AI technology. One of the best ways to use AI at your job is to cut down on data collection and research time. Once you have the data, it’s up to you how you’ll apply it.

“Artificial intelligence is an important tool in the decision-making process for many savvy business owners nowadays. The ability to get real-time data that is accurate and concise is helping many companies to make better-informed decisions about their operations,” points out Gina Iovenitti, Growth Operations at Carda Health.

Data collected through AI ensures that companies have consistent access to real-time and historical metrics. This will help human employees to make better-informed decisions for the entire company. Not to mention how much time they’ll save.

The Impact of AI in the Workplace

When used effectively, AI in the workplace can lead to increased productivity and better workflow. It can also save companies a ton of money. These tangible gains are what attract business leaders to AI in the first place, but other advantages are not as talked about.

“AI can make a big difference in so many industries. From healthcare to education to retail and even agriculture, AI is going to leave its mark everywhere it goes,” says Travis Mydock, DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney at Mydock Law.

Some of the less talked about impacts of AI are the positive effects it has on employees. Although the stress of AI taking their jobs isn’t going away completely, many workers report having better workplace satisfaction while using automation through AI. Not only do they report being happier, but it also allows for diversification and a more employee-centric workplace.

Embracing AI, for Better or Worse

Ready or not, it’s only a matter of time before AI seeps into your industry. Seeing as how the emergence of AI is inevitable, it is best to learn how to embrace this polarizing technology. Consider the points discussed in this article before you fear the rise of AI.

“Machine learning is going to change every single aspect of technology, but no machine will be able to mimic the creative ability of the human mind,” says Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe.

The main takeaway is to not stress about artificial intelligence. It may be frightening to think that a machine could make you obsolete, but AI needs human oversight to work properly. Therefore, it’s best to start embracing AI for all the ways it can help you.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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