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21 Best Celeb Thirst Traps Of All Time.

You know when you take a particularly provocative selfie, and you pretend that it’s cos you’ve just stumbled upon an adorable puppy, or beautiful sunset, but in actual fact you’re doing it to garner as many ‘likes’ and attention as possible? Yep, that’s thirst trapping my friend.

The humble thirst trap is typified by a pose which happens to accentuate physical assets or facial features to their fullest, whilst masquerading as a ‘casual’ shot; sometimes this will be accompanied by some sort of caption or emoji which is aimed at justifying and normalizing said pose. In recent times, the thirst trap has become more flagrant, with trends such as Thirst Trap Thursday capturing the imagination of the social media community.

Most people with an Instagram account are prone to thirst trapping, but celebrities are definitely the most prolific and most adept thirst trappers- this is mainly due to the fact that they have designer clothes, makeup artists, seriously cute pets, private jets, weekly hair colour changes, loads of hot and famous friends, and go on a gazillion vacations per year.

Take a look at these thirst trap shots and vote for your fave!

#1 Is It Winter!?

Perrie was on thirst trap point when she took these shots. Her bum looks amazing, and she manages to make it look fun and effortless- a crucial component of a successful thirst trap.

#2 Kellis Eat Your Heart Out

Kim K is thirst trap royalty, and her milk shake shot is classic thirst trap.

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Written by Caroline1992