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Top 4 Application Groups that are Popular Right Now 

 It’s no surprise that we are addicted to our phones, and screens in general. Man have said it before and many will say after, but it’s the truth. There are whole scientific articles with explanations of the colors in our phones, the brightness of our screens, and more, being the reasons for our addiction. But this isn’t a scientific article, no this is a blog post that will be much less interesting, though way more entertaining. Here, the reason we will give you as to why we are addicted to our phones is the entertaining apps we have 24 hour access to. There are literally millions of different apps available for free, and in this list we have the top 4 groups of apps that are incredibly popular right now.

#1. Social media apps

If you are surprised by this, congratulations you may be part of the 1% of people with genuinely good mental health. But yes. Social media applications have ranked the top spot of application popularity for years and will continue to do so for years to come. Unless something horrific happens where the internet shut down world wide. Apps like Tik Tok would take one of the top spots in a list of specific applications that are most used, with iOS users alone the total amount of users is around 30 million. Facebook would be the social media app to reign supreme among the other social media apps, with billions of users monthly, everyone is on it.

#2. Game apps

When we say candy, you say crush! Yeah everyone loves a little game on their phone to pass the time. It’s not uncommon, especially with all the parents in the world with electronics. There needs to be some way to entertain those babies. However, there are also more adult game applications such as online casinos that are available on mobile app stores that also are very popular. A few years ago, the game Among Us blew up so much it was all anyone talked about for months. Then all of a sudden, radio silence…But apparently now they have a VR game, so it seems they are still thriving.

#3. Exercise/fitness apps

Yeah, we were really surprised about this one. But yes! Apparently exercise and fitness apps are all the rage these days with millions of people around the world. There are some apps that are really helpful, providing meal plans, exercise tips, motivational quotes, and sometimes even actual instructors. But be warned, there are some incredibly toxic exercise and fitness applications out there that only feed into people’s disordered mindset. It’s a slippery slope, these fitness apps, because there also can be people who take the good intentions of some apps and apply their own toxic behaviours onto it. Then there isn’t really anything the application providers can do.

#4. Sports apps

This is different than the fitnes. The sports applications section is specifically about apps that revolve around professional sports like football, baseball, basketball, and more. People absolutely love these apps because they provide specific data about their favorite teams, players, and games/competitions. Some of these sports apps do in fact belong in the ‘game apps’ section because there are some apps that are more about playing fantasy games or sports betting, but they will be ranked in both places. If you are looking to build a sports app of any kind of your own, check out to make your future sports app more legit. And who knows, maybe your app will make sports app rank higher in this list next time.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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