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Why You Should Use Snapchat To Promote Your Businesses

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There is a HUGE untapped audience and immensely powerful business tool out there that almost every business is ignoring. Here are the reasons why you should be using Snapchat to promote your business and interact with your audience.

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#1 Snapchat Talent Acquisition

The most overlooked Snapchat for Business opportunity is hiring young talent through it. If you have a new and growing business that's looking for young talent to staff increasing hiring demands, then Snapchat is one of the best places to find it. Snapchat is a still growing social media channel that has immense usage from recent college grads and those early in the career force. Creating very targeted ads to those that make sense for your hiring needs can be a great place to find great young talent looking to prove themselves at a relatively cheap price.

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#2 Influencer Marketing

Snapchat enables people to follow whoever they wish by finding a person of influence who tags themselves at your place of business or with your products will help get your name out, not only to the influencer, but to all of their followers. Make sure the people you choose really align with your company and its ideals before moving forward with this, but honestly influencer marketing can be a hugely powerful tool that most people aren't utilizing to its full potential (if at all).

Contributors: Meg Raiano from reCreative Agency

#3 Snapchat Filters

Snapchat recently came out with the option to create both snap filters and lenses within the app itself and through their web platform. This is an awesome way to get people to interact with your company in the area, especially if you're having an event. Create your snap filter/lens, make sure you let people know when it will be available, and drive people to use it with incentives or share it on other social media platforms with your own hashtag.

Contributors: Meg Raiano from reCreative Agency

#4 Snap indirectly built our nationwide photo scanning business

Snap indirectly built our business. The social media app had a challenge faced by all its users—how to upload pictures from decades past.

The photo-sharing app accounts for nearly 20% of all our photo scanning orders as people are sharing not just recent photos from smartphones but all those nostalgic photo albums and photo snapshots too.

Contributors: Mitch Goldstone from ScanMyPhotos

#5 Organic Reach and EyeCandy AR

In comparison to other social media, Snapchat allows you to reach directly to everyone who choose to follow, with being fresh each time a new post is up. Snapchat not only allows to connect with distant friends but to connect with the local community with features like Geofilters and Our Story, which gives several opportunities to local businesses of marketing locally. Plus Snapchat feels more personal and intimate.

Well, what to say about AR! It has been the USP of snapchat and it's a major reason for an instant hit. With AR snaps, posting a piece of information has been are more interactive, with the customers, than any other form of social media. Plus it engages customers to alure and then engages with the post.

Contributors: Kim Smith from GoodFirms

#6 Humanize Your Business Through Stories

Storytelling is the best way to provide followers (read: potential customers) an intimate look at who you and your business are and what you stand for. The visuals, human voice, and ability to put a face to the name all help to humanize your brand and make you more real to followers. I like to have clients share their story via Snapchat to help enhance that personal connection.

Contributors: Alison Haselden from CanIRank

#8 Let Followers Be Your Plus One

Going to an exciting party or event in your industry that's invite-only? Bring your followers with your close enough via your Snapchat story! Share the details, key points from speakers, and best-dressed of the evening to help followers feel like they're attending with you. This makes them feel like they're part of your team and will become interested in your life.

Contributors: Alison Haselden from CanIRank

#9 Personalizing The Brand

Snapchat helps to personalize and build brand following behind your business. It helps to tell the story of your business and make your customers feel more connected with your business... Personalizing, or humanizing, your business can create a brand connection that might not otherwise be there with online businesses. It sort of creates a community feel that might exist with a local business. Snapchat can make the difference with customer connections.

Contributors: Deborah Sweeney from MyCorporation

#10 won’t get old

With other social media platforms, there’s a constant danger that your content gets boring because it stays there. If you don’t post often you page looks lazy, because you aren’t keeping up with it. The other possibility is that you do post often, but creatively speaking you're are not taking enough “risks”, and as a result, your content is failing to hold people’s interest. With Snapchat the posts disappear, there aren’t necessarily expectations, so whatever content you do post will be qualityby if only because there’s nothing to compare it to.

Contributors: Nate Masterson from Maple Holistics

#12 Ad Potential

Like all platforms, Snapchat allows you to engage with a specific demographic. Unlike other platforms, however, Snapchat, knowing it’s users, allows the call to action in their ads to work while still in the app making the user more amenable to taking the action.

Contributors: Nate Masterson from Maple Holistics

#14 Showcase Culture

Culture is an important part of each company, and Snapchat is a great platform to display the fun side of your workplace. Culture shows off the personality of your business, and we find that clients want to support businesses which have a great work environment. Consider sharing special events that your company is participating in such as team building outings, volunteer days or celebrations. In addition to showing off outings, businesses can also use Snapchat to share behind the scenes business processes that customers and fans don’t see on a daily basis. Sharing these fun moments will keep people coming back for more.

Contributors: Lisa Lerman from Blue Compass Interactive

#15 Grab Attention with Expiring Content

Snapchat is unique from other social platforms because stories expire after 24hours. Businesses should use this to their advantage by offering VIP deals, coupon codes and sales. When content has an expiration date it feels exclusive, and customers are more likely to engage often with the hopes of getting that special deal. Snapchat also encourages users to convert faster than traditional forms of marketing.

Contributors: Lisa Lerman from Blue Compass Interactive

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