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Buy App Installs iOS App Needs for Better Ranks

iOS app development and promotion is a lucrative business thousands of experts try to succeed in. However, grounding on expertise, 47 percent of them do not promote their applications comprehensively. As the result, they lose a great chunk of organic traffic. We explain in brief how to gain positions buying installs for iOS products. 

Start picking up the best keywords

Promotion at the App Store is costly. It requires more money and installs per position than the same marketing campaign of Google play. But with most of tier 1 countries running iOS, competition will be lucrative. 

To balance your budget and get maximum return on investment from each promotion, choose the core of your main keywords. 

You will decide what keywords are most relevant for you. But here is the idea: when you have a car renting application, go for keywords like “car renting online”, “car renting service app” etc. Words like “car” or “rent” are extremely difficult to compete and get any affordable ranks. If you are doubtful about the word or phrase, search with it at the App Store and see the search request results. If you can find 60-80% of your competitors there, your keyword is relevant. 

Chose the right number of installs to buy

App Store algorithms notice new installs from search within 3-6 hours and update your rank accordingly. It does not mean you should plan one-day promotion. Contrary to your first intention, you better create a tendency for the iOS robots. For example, 10 days promotion with 20 installs per day is far more effective than a 1 day promotion with 200 installs. 20 installs per day is enough to rank up from 150th to 1st in the USA for medium difficulty words and phrases. 

Doubt what you read? We show the results and break the numbers. Lean from experts the way you should buy app installs iOS  products will get results from.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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