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Top 4 Mobile Dance Apps

If you feel you have two left feet, then a Mobile Dance Application (App) will be of help, as it lets users discover and explore the wide world of different dance styles and eventually master them.

With guided step-by-step tutorials and videos, aspiring dancers can learn all the tips and tricks to master specific movements and become a dance pro.

Below we feature the Top Four Mobile Dance Apps:

Just Dance

The just Dance Mobile Dance App helps users to unleash their inner dance with over 500 songs and dance choreographies available. These include all time favourites by Ed Sheeran, Daddy Yankee, Billie Eilish and many more. This App lets users get straight into dancing and you can get your feet moving in just a few taps.

App users can party along with over 1000 other users around the world if they wish to make it more fun. The App also allows users to create their own playlists full of their most favourite songs and even see how many calories they have burned as well, making danfing fit, fun and healthy.

Salsa Rhythm

With the Salsa Rhythm Mobile Dance App, users are welcome to master salsa timing and get their perfect rhythm going. App features include an interactive section where users can train their ears to recognise certain instruments, from bongos and maracas to congas and cowbells, this App covers the wide range of Salsa rhythms, melodies and related instruments.

App users can arrange, combine and mix the various instruments in any fashion to create dynamic sala tunes, rhymes and beats. If you are looking to improve your salsa timing, this App includes patterns for bass, percussion and piano separately covering all the major salsa styles. Users can enhance their app experience by controlling the tempo, musical key and volume of all the selected instruments separately.


The Steezy Mobile Dance App is used by those who want to master any one of the most popular dance styles. From hip hop and open style to k pop and jazz funk, this App takes you through each dance style with step-by-step guided instructions.

App users can enjoy a pace that works best for them with a choice from over 800 classes added each week. From beginners to more advanced dancers App Development Companies cater to all levels and abilities.

Users of this App can access the best dancers and instructors who go beyond traditional teaching by reinforcing the fundamental techniques of each dance style. This makes dancers more confident and expressive.

The App features include the ability to view the dance instructors move from different angles and adjust the tempo of the workout session to match yours.

App users can save their favourite classes and keep repeating them as much as you like till you master it. For complete beginners there is also a tutorial that gets you dancing like a pro in no time. This App is based on a subscription model and premium users can access more enhanced features and benefits.


The Everdance Mobile Dance App is all about becoming a pro dancer with features for instructors and students as well. This App offers users premium videos that feature the most experienced dance instructors who cover all abilities from new Job Vacancies to worn shoes!

App users can record a video of their moves and then sync it with the instructors to ensure you never miss a step. Users can furthermore share their dance routines easily on social media and get feedback from other dancers.

This App even covers ballet, ballroom and belly dancing styles as well, in addition to all modern dance styles, making it universally popular. Dance instructors can use this App to record their classes and share them with others very easily and dance studios can also use Elegant Media for live dance workout sessions for members.


Mobile Dance Apps make dancing easy, fun and relaxing. Users can take their time and learn at their own pace with experts leading the way. Download a Mobile Dance App and put your dancing shoes on!

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