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Meet the Best Apps for Academic Writing

At every academic level, college and university students have to deal with writing. Whether you have to take notes during college lectures, writing your essay for English class, or prepare a business plan for your part-time job, you will be required to write it all. Checkout SoftGoza to learn how to download these apps in simpler steps. Nonetheless, the reality is that writing can be quite challenging. But the great news is that many professional custom writing companies exist to deal with your “Please, write my term paper” requests. What is more, you can find loads of apps online that may turn the process of writing research papers and essays into an enjoyable journey.

Technology has made it easy to write, edit, and proofread essays, term papers, and lab reports. The apps are provided with a range of dynamic options that help you write, edit, and proofread faster. What is more, tech homework assistants also help you check your pieces for plagiarism and citations, among the rest of the ways of enhancing your writing experience. Check some of the best apps for academic writing provided below.


If you’re assigned a new writing project on a regular basis, chances are you may run the risk of fatigue sooner or later. That’s when you should consider using Scrivener. The app is designed to help you collect information and organize it in order to ease the process of writing. The good news is that Scrivener is available with a trial version, which means you will have a chance to judge whether the app is worth trying.


If you’re looking for the best ways to create structured diagrams, FreeMind is there to help. The software enables you to keep track of all the projects you’re busy with. Once you use FreeMind, you have an opportunity to craft papers, as well as do brainstorming. With the help of colors, you see what project is open, accomplished, or not yet started. The size of nodes shows the exact size of the assignment. What is more, FreeMind is available with DES encryption that can be applied to the whole map. Thus, your map will be protected from any accidental data loss while you’re in the process of work.


Grammarly is one of the best grammar assistants available on the web. It is exclusively designed to boost your grammar (sentences, words, phrases, and paragraphs) in any academic project.

Taking into account how crucial grammar is in why writing assignments, Grammarly helps you craft top-notch academic pieces. Once you use it, you will 100% know that no words are misplaced or no wrong tense is used in this or that sentence.

All the features that Grammarly comprises make it a perfect helper for college and university students. For instance, this app will provide you with a detailed report to help you clearly see your weaknesses and strengths to fix things in future projects. What is more, you will have a strong feeling of working with a real-time professional editor when you work with a real-time checker. What is more, Grammarly doesn’t simply underline every other mistake that you make but it explains it so that you understand.


The quality of the essay, term paper, or any other project will depend on your preparations. The process typically includes collecting materials, checking information taken from different sources. Properly organizing these sources to create a detailed database for every project make it easier to work on every other assignment. That’s when Evernote comes in handy!

Evernote is known as one of the most popular writing apps because it helps you both collect and organize your materials. It doesn’t really matter what resources you work with – MS Word documents, PDF files, images, links, or anything else – Evernote can deal with any. Above that, Evernote helps you look for the resources or documents with the help of a keyword. Thus, important information is getting even more accessible.

Hemingway App

If you’re on the lookout for a self-editing and writing platform to produce the best quality pieces, Hemingway App could be the option. It highlights the sentences and words that you should either remove or replace because they happen to be repetitive or wrong. The app is also free of charge but at the same time, it includes some of the top-notch self-editing features.

Today, you can find dozens of tools and apps to make the process of writing less challenging. Whether you’re looking for assistance with citations or grammar, there’s an option to deal with every issue imaginable. Most apps available on the web have free-trial versions which means you can test the chosen product before you pay for any advanced features. Feel free to use online apps to craft the best quality academic works.

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