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Education or job? How to compare?

It is important to keep balance in all life spheres. Now technologies allow to compare work and education. It is hard and seems not real, but even essay editor online exists, so just believe and try. We tell you life hacks which help you.

Modern students face various difficulties. One of them is the lack of finances for self-sufficiency. Of course, when the scholarship fluctuates within 100 dollars, to live a whole month with such “income” in your pocket becomes simply unrealistic.

Then the student is faced with the question: where to go to find a job? Sites that offer quick employment come in handy. But here, too, there is a problem: most employers require work experience, which the student, of course, does not have. And again a dead end. Those who graduated from university, have a higher education diploma, but no experience, also find themselves in this situation. Graduates, like blind kittens, begin to fuss in search of a vacancy, but not everyone is lucky.

Let the teachers know that you are working

A student makes a mistake when he does not attend a couple and then comes to the session and tries to explain to the teacher that he is working. In such cases, conflicts often arise. To avoid this, it is best to talk to the teacher at the beginning of the semester, explain the situation, say that you will try to rewrite all the notes and teach yourself, perform the required tasks. And, believe me, in 90% of cases the teacher will meet you. The main thing is to keep the promise, because you may not be given a second chance.


If your job is related to the specialty you are studying, then this is a double bonus. Because in addition to money, you also get practical knowledge that can be used later in the session. And to write a course or master’s degree on real tasks is interesting for both the student and the supervisor.

Avoid perfectionism

If you started working while studying, you should be aware that this is already a challenge. Trying to be the best student in the group, an ideal employee, a public activist, run a half marathon and win a chess tournament is the shortest way to emotional burnout. Prioritize and remember the principle of Pareto optimality – 20% effort for 80% result.

Rest assured: nothing is impossible, and those who do not try do not win. The world is open to your talents. Gain the courage to realize your dreams, set goals and achieve them. When there is purpose and action, obstacles disappear by themselves.

If you choose to study and work at the same time, you will have to adapt to difficult life circumstances, make some sacrifices and compromises. You should not give up training, as a good education increases the chances of building a career that will bring excellent earnings. Working during the student years is commendable, as it will characterize you as a serious and independent person.

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