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17 Content Marketing Ideas For Tech Startups

Content marketing is a powerful tool, but how can you leverage it to get your tech startup off the ground? Here are 17 content marketing ideas for tech startups…

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#1 Industry Expert Interviews

Get top-notch industry expert interviews for your blog. How to get them you're asking?

Experts quite often publish books on their topics and about their work in order to strengthen their position. In the phase of the book release they usually are open to opportunities to promote their book. This can become your opportunity! Browse the upcoming books category on Amazon to find all the books about to being released. If the book topic is related to the problem solving of your tech startup, reach out to the author for an interview and get that expert's name on your website!

Contributors: Melanie Marten from PRontheGO

#2 Create Content for Companies Which Cater To The Same Audience

One content marketing idea that has worked well for us is creating content for companies which cater to the same audience as us, but are not competitors. Once we have created such (informational) content pieces, it is easy to reach out to these companies and convince them to link to us. This, in return, leads to greater DA (domain authority), increased 'free' organic traffic, and more leads and sales.

Contributors: Gabor Koncz from Automizy

#3 Newsletters

It is an effective tool that is successfully used by thousands of companies. With it, you can easily inform potential customers about the release of your product. Electronic newsletter will help to raise brand awareness and loyalty to it. However, it does not require large financial costs. Important thing: Collect emails wisely. Do not use email databases, this will definitely cause getting your email in spam. Use SEO to drive potential customers to your website and use email capture form make your email list legit.

Contributors: Boris Goncearenco from New York Furniture Outlets, Inc

#4 Human Touch, We Want Humans!

What makes a great content for a company is adding knowledge, answering questions that people would like answered.

For businesses, this is often very, very difficult. You need to ‘humanize’ your content away from technical jargon and align yourself with what interests consumers.

I would create a mind-map, of what the startup does, and find some relevant “interests” that could be related to it.

For instance: If your start-up sold Yoga Clothes, this is easy – content around yoga practices (easy), content around vegan cooking, content around holistic medicine, content around your businesses eco-friendly principles are all good examples.

Contributors: Sean Allan from Aware Corporation Ltd.

#5 Share Blog Content

For a tech startup I'd say one of the best and easiest ways to start getting traffic to their website is starting their own company blog. In the blog they can introduce and inform people of the features and news regarding their product. Blog posts can be shared on SoMe and they can also be helpful in creating partnerships. Writing guest blogs for someone else or getting industry professionals write on your blog site will improve brand awareness and get your name out there. If you get your article published in an important website or magazine for example, they might mention you in their tweet.

Contributors: Tytti Rekosuo from Pro-Sapien Software

#6 Create Experiences And Events

On the global scale, millennials are either the largest living generation or steadily growing in numbers with a total spending power of approximately $2.5 trillion. This is why companies absolutely must capture their attention. It’s well documented that this generation doesn’t care for traditional marketing tactics and three-quarters of Millennials also prefer experiences to things. What else do they not like? Missing out on these experiences and events. This leads to a heightened state of awareness for content that only lives a short while.

Contributors: Lauren Gilmore from PR&Prose

#7 Graphic Action based Video

So one unique marketing video idea we're working on is a graphic action based video. A 30 second short of the protagonist, a holographic cyborg thing with our logo as it's face. Absolutely destroying this giant disgusting blob monster representing our market competition. With some emphasis on their unethical business practices.

Think like a mortal kombat fatality highlight but with business undertones. We feel this video will not only be entertaining but put our brand in the right light to show our market what was all about. That's decimating the middlemen in healthcare who profit billions off patients medical record data, while those patients producing that data from health and financial problems see none of its revenue.

Contributors: Dylan Nadsady from and Austin Jones CEO of Unity Health Score

#8 Influencer Marketing

The best way forward for any new start up company is to dive in with influencer marketing! So many modern day consumers are now listening to and following in the steps of the influencers that they idolize and follow up on daily, which makes influencer marketing the smartest way to directly reach your target audience. I'd always suggest using an Influencer Marketing agency to team you with an Influencer who's audience and following match your brand for a smooth and successful collaboration.

Contributors: Annalise Green from Lady Luck Media Ltd

#9 Don’t Forget About Print Content

Helpful guides and flyers are perfect pieces of marketing content that you can have on your site for download, and in print for conferences and client visits. Our guides on business processes and data security tips are some of our most popular pieces of content and establish us as subject matter experts.

Contributors: Keri Lindenmuth from KDG

#11 Podcasts

I would say that getting on podcasts in your niche is the best solution here. First off, you’re getting in front of the perfect audience. Also, according to Apple’s Beta Stats, listeners stick around for about 80% of episodes. Getting on podcasts is part one, but most people miss the secondary value with published podcast episodes. You can use clips from episodes to make audiograms (30-60 second audio clips setup as video), used to write short and long form content for LinkedIn and Facebook and finally using it to write sequences for your email list which can also result in sales to an audience that already knows you.

Contributors: Jeremy Ryan Slate from CommandYourBrandMedia

#12 Involve Your Customers In New Product Creation

One great way for tech startups to utilize content marketing is by involving your customers in new product creation. When you are creating a new product, blogging about it can start generating interest and get your customers involved in the process. For example, if you are debating on new features, you can put them out to vote to the people who use or would use your product. Utilizing the consumers' feedback will make them very interested in the finished piece.

Contributors: Rebecca Bertoldi from RebeccaBertoldi

#13 Flowchart Quizzes

An idea for content marketing that I don't see a lot of tech companies utilizing is the highest converting content upgrade that I have on my site: flowchart quizzes. For example, my 'Where Does Your Imagination Energy Go' quiz is embedded as a Convertkit form in my blog posts, and it performs about 5 times better at converting people into email subscribers than any other piece of content that I offer.

Contributors: Cameron Gray from Evergray Media

#14 Slideshares

Slideshares are a great way for tech startups to repurpose content they might already have created. They attract lots of traffic and are simple to make. Almost any piece of content can be turned into a Slideshare - blogs, eBooks, infographics, etc. It stretches your content marketing without stretching your bandwidth!

Contributors: Arielle Kimbarovsky from Codal

#15 Use Facebook Live

Does just the thought of doing a Facebook Live freak you the fluff out? If so, you are NOT alone! A majority of the messages I get from people are regarding video and more specifically how to create a beautiful Facebook Live.

Video is really where it's at if you're wanting to reach a mass amount of people as quickly and inexpensively as possible.  Not only that, they can really *connect*with you.  They will be able to quickly tell if you are someone they dig or not, which is part of the whole, Know, Like + Trust factor that is the cornerstone of good authentic marketing.

Whether you have had your own brick and mortar shop for years, or you are just starting up your own Young Living essential oil business, Facebook Live's give everyone an equal playing field.

Contributors: Martha Krejci from MarthaKrejci

#16 Premium Gated Content

Consider creating premium gated content where users have to provide their email before they download your content. You can personalize content better and send them relevant information to help educate them further on a particular topic. Great content marketing is always valuable and addresses the pain points of your audience. If you aren’t helping them, and solving their problems, you won’t get the desired effect. You want to build trust with your audience so that they will turn into brand advocates, which provides a much higher lifetime value.

Contributors: Britt Armour from Kibii

#17 Conversion Funnels

Conversion funnels are hot right now, but a lot of marketers want a funnel just to say they have one. A lot of companies think a blog with a newsletter opt-in is all you need to convert visitors. It's easy to forget the point of a funnel, to nurture your prospect to conversion.

You have to meet your leads where they are in their decision-making process. A good way to gauge this is with the content you offer. We design our funnels around the Awareness, Education, Evaluation, Retention framework. A lead who finds your site by searching for content that makes them aware of how to solve their problem still needs to be educated on the fact that you're capable of solving it before they'll invest time with you.

The top of a conversion funnel should focus on your market's biggest problems and drive them to educational resources positioning you as an industry expert. This gives you an advantage when your prospect reaches the next stage of the decision-making process, evaluating the right solution to buy. Retaining your customers successfully involves a mixture of enabling them with the right training material and providing top-notch customer service. If you're missing any of those elements you might notice leaks in your funnel.

Contributors: Steven Benson from Badger Maps

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Written by Ben Skute

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