Conversion Funnels (17/17)

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Conversion funnels are hot right now, but a lot of marketers want a funnel just to say they have one. A lot of companies think a blog with a newsletter opt-in is all you need to convert visitors. It’s easy to forget the point of a funnel, to nurture your prospect to conversion.

You have to meet your leads where they are in their decision-making process. A good way to gauge this is with the content you offer. We design our funnels around the Awareness, Education, Evaluation, Retention framework. A lead who finds your site by searching for content that makes them aware of how to solve their problem still needs to be educated on the fact that you’re capable of solving it before they’ll invest time with you.

The top of a conversion funnel should focus on your market’s biggest problems and drive them to educational resources positioning you as an industry expert. This gives you an advantage when your prospect reaches the next stage of the decision-making process, evaluating the right solution to buy. Retaining your customers successfully involves a mixture of enabling them with the right training material and providing top-notch customer service. If you’re missing any of those elements you might notice leaks in your funnel.

Contributors: Steven Benson from Badger Maps

Written by Ben Skute

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