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Eco-Friendly Appliances And Gadgets From Ethicalsuperstore!

Making the decision to shop Eco-friendly is an important and selfless thing to do. At you can make that choice, with many ethically sourced products, from chemical-free cleaners to environmentally-friendly fashion!

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Why Shop Eco-Friendly?

Quite simply, to save the planet. Even the smallest of actions can help. By shopping ethically, we can cut carbon dioxide emissions and prevent climate change. Not to mention, energy efficient products help to save money, from electricity to water bills.

The products listed below are both Eco-friendly and Energy Efficient!

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#1 PowerPlus Solar-Powered Desk Lamp

Made from sustainable bamboo, this lamp is multi-functional and elegant. Utilising power-saving LED technology, it also has a  built-in magnet so the lamp can be affixed on any metal products in the home.

Affordable and lightweight, get yours now!

#2 Vektra Vacuum Eco Kettle


This kettle is sleek and keeps boiled water hot for up to four hours! With a 1.5L capacity and temperature gauge, this kettle is not only energy efficient but actually helps you to boil less water as a habit by keeping it hot enough from one boil.

Put and end to re-boiling the kettle, buy yours now!

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