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How Businesses Can Use Less Energy

When it comes to saving money, this can be just as important as making money. However, it is often the case that doing so is too often neglected. Reducing the amount of energy that a business consumes is not something that is difficult to do and nor is it expensive. Some of the easiest and most effective ways of doing so are listed below.

Use Indoor Plants

For an optimal working environment, it is important that an office / work space is kept at a comfortable temperature for everyone. The usual way of doing this, especially during the summer months is by using an air conditioning unit(s). However, there is a more cost effective way of keeping staff at a comfortable temperature and that is by using indoor plants. This is because they have the capacity to act as a natural form of air conditioning thanks to the moisture that is given off by them as part of the respiratory cycle. This works to increase the level of humidity in the air, thus making it feel more cool. Additionally, having plants indoors also helps to increase the quality of the air that workers are breathing in.

Turn Of All Machines

Although it may seem pretty obvious, there are a large number of businesses that fail to take what is a very simple measure. Regardless of whether it is through ignorance or laziness, not switching off things like printers, computers, and even lights can end up costing a business hundreds or maybe even thousands of pounds across the course of a year.

Use Motion Lighting

Whilst for some people switching off the lights in a room when they leave it is a given, for many people it is not something that they do. As a result, it could mean that entire banks of office / warehouse lighting are left on over night for absolutely no reason. Installing motion sensored lights remove the human error and do not require someone to physically turn them off. The lights are only triggered to come on when someone enters a room or space and switches themselves off if there has been no motion for a certain amount of time.

Change Energy Supplier

If a company has been with the same energy supplier for a number of years, it is likely that the tariff that they are on has either come to an end and so they the rate is higher than what is should be or the current tariff is no longer suitable for the amount of energy or the frequency that the business now uses it. Using websites like Utility Bidder to do some research and hunt around for the best possible deal can potentially save a company hundreds of pounds over a full year.

Although this is by no means an extensive list of what businesses can do to use less energy, the things listed above are all relatively easy to do and require very little outlay upfront. Implementing even just one of them will decrease the amount of energy that a business uses.

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