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Residential/Lifestyle: 5 Ways Your Home Can Be More Energy Efficient

Photo by Paddy O Sullivan on Unsplash

In the changing climate, it’s more important than ever that we are doing all we can to be more environmentally-aware and reduce our carbon footprint – and nowhere is this more important than your home or business premises and the efficiency of your energy usage within it. Residential People have years of experience working to connect people with property, and they revolutionised the way people search for properties. Here, they discuss simple ways you can add more value to your home.

Photo by Chelsea on Unsplash
Photo by Chelsea on Unsplash

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5 Ways Your Home Can Be More Energy Efficient:

1. Consider installing solar panels

the sun is a powerful (and free) source of energy which people should be taking advantage of. Not only is using solar energy good for the environment, it’s also good for your finances, too. Solar panels will significantly reduce your electricity bills and is a renewable energy source with very low maintenance needed.

2. Install energy saving bulbs

The installation and initial cost of these bulbs in your home will be more than your standard bulbs – but they will save you over £27 a month, meaning you can make your money back within the first month and enjoy the money-saving benefits after that – along with the environmental benefits, too. You can get those bulbs from Amazon for a really good price.

3. Check for any drafts

No matter how well you heat your home, if there is a gap around your doorways or windows, then heat is always going to escape. By ensuring all gaps around doors are covered and maintained, you can help to contain the heat. You could also invest in thick curtains to better insulate the window frame and feel more cosy in the colder months.

4. Insulate your home

Insulation, typically fitted to your home’s attic space, will save you a lot of money when it comes to your heating bills. Heat rises, which is why insulation fitted at the top of your house will help to contain the warmth in your home and allow you to limit time and money spent on cranking up the heating.

5. Make small changes

Every little helps when it comes to energy and the environment. This could be as easy as turning off the TV if you’re not watching it, always turning lights off in rooms not being used, and turning off switches and charges when not needed. It may seem small, but every person in the world does it, it turns into something very significant.

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