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Tips for an Eco-conscious Lifestyle

Never before in history have we faced an ecological crisis as we do today. Destruction of wildlife habitats, drastic climate change, deforestation, groundwater depletion, global warming, and air pollution are significant environmental threats. International and national organizations, NGOs, and the local governments pass resolutions, hold meetings and take several initiatives towards protecting the environment. It is a necessity to be environmentally conscious in today’s world. Only through a combined effort and dedication can humans save our beloved blue planet from the destruction that stares at its face. But if you want to know some exact ways of contributing or positively impacting the environment, then here they are.

Make Recycling a Habit

The beneficial effects of recycling have been well-documented over the years. It helps conserve thousands of natural resources, saves plenty of energy, and reduces pollution to the point where it makes a difference. Recycling refers to utilizing and converting waste materials into new objects. Wood, clothes, glass, paper, metal, and plastic are the materials that people need to recycle daily. It carries more benefits than people might think. For instance, manufacturing paper from recycled pulp uses about 40% less energy than virgin wood fibers. Recycling an old glass bottle saves enough energy to power a 100 watt light bulb for 4 hours.

Stop Wasting Food Completely

Statistics show that nearly 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted every year, while almost 30% of all food worth 48.3 billion USD$ is thrown away in the USA. Those are some alarming statistics, and yet, the wastage goes unchecked. Preventing food wastage is necessary to help others and for environmental purposes. For example, all the food that people throw ends up in landfills and emits significant methane gas. Methane plays a vital role in climate change since it traps heat in the atmosphere and is more effective than carbon dioxide for increasing global temperatures.

Switch to LED Lights

If you don’t have LED lights yet, get them as soon as possible. It will lower your monthly bills while helping you do your bit for the environment. A light-emitting diode provides the same amount of light as incandescents using 75% less energy. They also enjoy an impressive lifespan, lasting for about 15 years more than other lights, and avoiding carbon emissions throughout the process. These lights do not contain mercury, a toxic pollutant that harms the environment significantly. It is also easily recyclable and does not emit ultraviolet or UV radiation. Simultaneously, you might consider switching off the lights when they aren’t required to save a lot of carbon footprint.

Go Green, Go Clean

Going green is a complete transformation of lifestyle rather than a few modifications here and there. For instance, you might reduce the usage of your car daily and consider eco-friendly options like bicycles, carpools, and public transport. If you have to use your vehicle regularly, avoid letting it sit idle for a long period with the air conditioner switched on. You might also consider getting a fuel-efficient car. Saving water by avoiding its excessive usage, reducing your shower time, checking leaks, and turning the water off while brushing your teeth are some of the ways of going green. You might also consider adding more ‘vegetarian-only’ days to your menu, as studies show that a single plant-based meal could save the greenhouse gas equivalent of driving 1000 miles.

This is how you can contribute positively to the environment if you are environmentally conscious and want to see a radical change. A few alterations in your lifestyle and buying habits will go a long way in reducing the negative impacts on the environment.

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Written by Afshan Basher Aly

Afshan Basher Aly is a guest blogger with a passion for health and wellness topics. She regularly writes about the benefits of circadian lighting, and the benefits of Brilli lighting – a USA based wellness company.

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