Tornado Gloves Controller. New Motion Controller on Kickstarter (10/28)

Tornado Gloves Controller. New Motion Controller

Tornado Gloves Controller - Author of video - Gennadiy Zhuga (

Tornado Gloves: MIDI, DJ, VJ, Vocal, Game, CAD Controller.

First Controller optimized for creation of Musical & Video Effects with Gestures for Live Show, Ableton, Traktor Pro, Resolume. Games.

Tornado is a multifunctional wireless motion controller designed in a form of a glove. It combines functions of MIDI controller, game controller and a manipulation function such as “mouse”. With hand motions, you may create various musical effects, play synth, control your vocal while singing, play games and manage visual patterns.

1. DJing. Make music-by-motion experience unlike any other! Be closer to fans, catch their attention and excite them. So not only you will hear your music — you’ll feel it. Create effects while dancing!
2. Vocal. Control your vocals with gestures during a live performance. Magic Tornado gloves are vocal processor and effector directly on your hands. This is especially interesting for karaoke systems. Inspire your audience!
3. VJing. Create imagery and visuals in real-time by motions of the Tornado gloves. Perform processing of visual material and move around the stage, simultaneously communicate with the audience. Bring in a story of your music to the light show!
4. Gaming. Play games using Tornado mobile controller. It is very comfortable, you can move around the room or lie on the couch. Especially, the gloves advantage appears when using the 3D glasses and helmets. Since, in this case, a classic keyboard is not visible, Tornado gloves can help you and they will be in your hands.
5. 3D CAD. Control 3D objects in your 3D Studios!

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