Synth A Seesia (11/28)

Synth A Seesia

A video for the Kickstarter campaign

We all love music. The organized pattern of rhythmic vibrations soothes our souls. Today’s stage lighting seems to emphasize certain portions of songs. The trouble with these lights- they’re not musical!

Enter Synth-a-Seesia. Instead of using noise or percussion as our guide for color, we use pitch. Just as each musical note is assigned a specific frequency of sound, we also assign each a specific frequency of light. Simply put: each note has its own color!

Combining the frequencies of sound with light is an awesome experience. Playing music is more fun, and becomes more powerful. And the more we play with it, the more we come to associate each color with its matched frequency. Just as certain note intervals pair well together into a chord, the same color intervals do just the same!

Written by timdnoe

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