Outline Montreal – THE Sound Reactive LED Mask (9/28)

Outline MTL - THE Sound Reactive LED Mask - Kickstarter (Official video)

Get your Sound Reactive LED Mask today on https://outline-montreal.com The Outline's social media Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/outline.montreal/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/outlinemtl/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/outlinemontreal/ Music Credit: Coral Red - Dead Battery Produced by Islands Production Director of photography: Steeve Desrosiers Producer: Élisabeth Desbiens Dancers: Abdel Madini, Anna Sementchouk, Brittney Canda, Michel Boombeast Editors: Élisabeth Desbiens Ronin Operator: Jérémie Bouchard Production Assistant: David Guillaume Morin Colorist: Charles-Étienne Pascal

9000 years ago, the first mask was created. Used to either disguise or reveal a personality trait, masks are present in every culture throughout History. The Sound Reactive LED Mask takes a step forward. It integrates art and technology into a very versatile device that mesmerizes anyone who sees it. The LED Mask transcribes any sort of music and any type of rhythm into amazing Illuminations. Our masks are easily wearable, foldable and adjustable. As a costume or music accessory for any occasion, they are the perfect companion. After successfully completing our first Kickstarter campaign we are proud to introduce to you our new collection.

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