The 1st Ever Social GOOD commUNITY app! (8/29)

The 1st Ever Social GOOD commUNITY app!

ADOOGOODA is raising funds for The 1st Ever Social GOOD commUNITY app! on Kickstarter! The 1st Ever Social GOOD commUNITY application platform to TAKE, GIVE & TRADE with a TRUE Social CommUNITY of DO-GOODR(S)!

hey, hey YOU!!!

Would YOU consider yourself to generally be a GOOD person?

Want to be part of The MOST EXCITING GOOD Platform to LAUNCH since some of the early players that came onto the application scene?

Well, you’ve come to the right place @ the right TIME.

WELCOME ************ADOOGOODA**********************

adoogooda:/ a GOOD person who does GOOD for the GOOD of it!

The name ADOOGOODA | adoogooda is derived from the word: do-gooder. It also happens to be a Palindrome.

Ekkk…so exciting to share this with YOU ALL!!! <3

With over 10+ years of R&D, Research, Marketing & Branding Identity as well as forming the legal company, it’s HERE!

We’re READY to put this thing to GOOD use.

We need YOU GOOD People to click, read, watch, pledge…in as MANY WAYS as possible…<3

SHARE this post I am listing here on, FUND our project on KICKSTARTER to become what we call “ANGEL FUNDR(S)“!

ALL of it helps us in so many GOOD ways!

NOW is the TIME to kick this GOOD idea into HIGH GEAR….DO GOOD for us so we can DO GOOD for YOU & ALL the DO-GOODR(S) out there in the WORLD; who are seeking for something meaningful with purpose to bring into your life.

ADOOGOODA, the 1st EVER Social GOOD commUNITY application to TAKE, GIVE & TRADE with GOOD people in your neighborhood,

a.k.a. DO-GOODR(S)!!!!!!

GOOD day! =)~*

Written by JESSICA

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