Charggee: Prolong Battery Lifespan Of Mobile Device & Save Money (9/29)

Charggee Kickstarter Project

Do you ever forget to unplug your mobile devices when charging? You are damaging your battery you know. With Charggee you never ever have to remember again!

Charggee protects your mobile devices when you plug it in by allowing your devices charge for a limited time and shuts off charging after the selected time you’ve selected.

Charggee saves you money. A household of many devices could quickly add up to hundreds of pounds, you could save this money for yourself and charggee pays for itself in a short peoriod.

Charggee is GREEN. If we all waste energy by forgetting to unplug our devices when its fully charged, then think of how much energy a street of houses is wasting, think of how much a region in a city is wasting, how much is an entire city wasting? How much could your city save? The fact is that every city is producing more than we actually need if we all waste electricity, this means we could cut down on the amount of carbon we are burning to produce electricity all over the world. This would reduce carbon footprint and global warming. Charggee allows us use only the amount of energy we need to use. Choose Charggee today.

Written by Idorenyin Eno

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