The Coolest Technology Kickstarters You HAVE To Back In 2018

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Technology Kickstarters

If you’re like me you’ve backed and funded many kickstarter projects. Some have turned out to be terrible, some have been awesome. Well, we want to know your opinions on the hottest and most ‘must have’ projects going on right now.

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Submit a picture at the bottom of the list of the Kickstarter product, company logo or perhaps a picture from their look-book and write a short description of why you love this project.

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#1 CamHatch: Award Winning Webcam Cover | Redefine Your Privacy

CamHatch: Award Winning Webcam Cover | Redefine Your Privacy

The CamHatch is a 100% unhackable hardware solution that is ultra-thin, small, secure and easy to use, which ensures you that no one is spying on you through your webcam.

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#2 LYFE app

Lyfe Logo White Background App

In this age of social media we've lost a real connection to people. We want to create an app that emphasizes meaning in your lives.

What is the LYFE app?

The LYFE app is a geo-based app that allows you to drop messages around the world.

There are two main components to this.

1. The everyday use: This feature is similar to geocaching, but with videos and photos of your making. You can record and drop a message, either a video or photo, and any app-user who comes across that message will be able to view it. You'll even be able to mark your messages as "Public" or "Private", viewable only to those you've specified. Say your best friend leaves a video for you while hiking in the mountains, if you hike the same path your LYFE app will notify you there's a video for you to watch.

2. The place of remembrance: With this feature a person can arrive at your place of remembrance and through the LYFE app view your LYFE story. Prior to being dropped at your place of remembrance, you'll use the app to edit and combine videos and photos in whichever way you find best tells your story. You can leave behind Public stories, as well as Private stories, viewable only to those you've specified.

Private stories left for loved ones is where the deepest connection happens. We want to put true connection into a social app, we want people to be remembered for who they were, and we want people to be able to say all the things they want, to all the people they love.

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#3 VR Fire Safety for Families

VR Fire Safety for Families

Ever saw that red thing under your sink and wondered how it works? Learn how to use a fire extinguisher at home safely. For families or individuals and available for Virtual Reality or traditional mouse and keyboard controls. 

This isa step-by-step learning experience that teaches how to identify the major types of fires, which type of extinguisher to use for each, the proper way to use a fire extinguisher, and a visual breakdown of why fires burn. Included is a "Challenge Mode" where the user can compete against themselves to put out as many fires of different types as they can to get a high score.

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#4 Jedeye: a beautiful 3D stereoscopic camera with affordable price

Jedeye: a beautiful 3D stereoscopic camera with affordable price

JEDEYE, a 3D stereo camera which captures the precious moments in 3D and record life's moments in depth. Take it anywhere in anytime.

Meet JEDEYE, the stylish stereo camera designed for both personal and business users who are serious about stereo photography and image quality. You can take it to capture life’s moment in 3D even under challenging low light situations and share with family or friends using the companion APP. These 3D videos can be viewed though VR headset, 3D-ready TV. The built-in lithium battery supports up to 2 hours of continuous recording and JEDEYE can easily fit into your pocket wherever you go.

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#5 RetraStrap


The Retractable Strap to pull carry on luggage hands free, protect from theft and reduce physical stress when your travel.

Free your hands while traveling with luggage with the RetraStrap Anti-Theft Hands-Free Retractable Bag Strap. Featuring an adjustable strap that fits most people, wear the RetraStrap around your shoulder for an instant hands-free traveling experience. It also works as an anti-theft device by keeping your bag physically near your body. Likewise, the RetraStrap reduces the chances of forgetting your bag somewhere. Additionally, the RetraStrap reduces stress on your arm, shoulder, neck, and back that occur from constantly pulling your luggage. It also helps you walk with a straight back and reduces tension on your shoulders while walking. The attachment’s elasticity even works as a shock absorber to provide extra comfort. Moreover, the retractable strap doesn’t touch the ground, hang or tangle. Finally, the RetraStrap attaches to most carry-on bags and is ideal for use with small carry-ons that weigh less than 50 pounds.

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#7 Mind For Me – Helping Everyone Make Our World Better – Kickstart

Do You Want To Be a Part of Making Our World Better?How Will We Do This?

 By Helping Everyone Help Each Other Promoting Spirit of Community Support Giving People Incentives for Helping Each Other Saving People Money on the “Everyday Things” Pay It Forward Coming Back Two-Fold Make All Lives Easier People and Families Needn’t Be Alone Great Benefits with Inviting Friends Welcoming All People from All Backgrounds Treating All People Fairly and Equally

What Does Mind For Me Do Then?

Mind For Me is a Community Share-Platform, where everyone can easily ask each other for help with childminding, pet sitting,care for loved ones, or simply around the home or garden.

It is fair for everyone by earning and spending KCs (Kind Coins). There is NO CASH at all.  When you join Mind For Me you get KCs to start asking for help as soon as you need it.

KCs can also be earnt by:

 Helping Family, Friends or Others Inviting Others to Mind For Me Special Rewards

Mind For Me keeps this fair for everyone by:

 Calculating KCs automatically Task, time and effort based KCs can not be bought or soldJoin the Mind For Me Movement!

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#8 The 1st Ever Social GOOD commUNITY app!

The 1st Ever Social GOOD commUNITY app!

ADOOGOODA is raising funds for The 1st Ever Social GOOD commUNITY app! on Kickstarter! The 1st Ever Social GOOD commUNITY application platform to TAKE, GIVE & TRADE with a TRUE Social CommUNITY of DO-GOODR(S)!

hey, hey YOU!!!

Would YOU consider yourself to generally be a GOOD person?

Want to be part of The MOST EXCITING GOOD Platform to LAUNCH since some of the early players that came onto the application scene?

Well, you've come to the right place @ the right TIME.

WELCOME ************ADOOGOODA**********************

adoogooda:/ a GOOD person who does GOOD for the GOOD of it!

The name ADOOGOODA | adoogooda is derived from the word: do-gooder. It also happens to be a Palindrome. exciting to share this with YOU ALL!!! <3

With over 10+ years of R&D, Research, Marketing & Branding Identity as well as forming the legal company, it's HERE!

We're READY to put this thing to GOOD use.

We need YOU GOOD People to click, read, watch, as MANY WAYS as possible...<3

SHARE this post I am listing here on, FUND our project on KICKSTARTER to become what we call "ANGEL FUNDR(S)"!

ALL of it helps us in so many GOOD ways!

NOW is the TIME to kick this GOOD idea into HIGH GEAR....DO GOOD for us so we can DO GOOD for YOU & ALL the DO-GOODR(S) out there in the WORLD; who are seeking for something meaningful with purpose to bring into your life.

ADOOGOODA, the 1st EVER Social GOOD commUNITY application to TAKE, GIVE & TRADE with GOOD people in your neighborhood,

a.k.a. DO-GOODR(S)!!!!!!

GOOD day! =)~*

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#9 Charggee: Prolong Battery Lifespan Of Mobile Device & Save Money

Charggee Kickstarter Project

Do you ever forget to unplug your mobile devices when charging? You are damaging your battery you know. With Charggee you never ever have to remember again!

Charggee protects your mobile devices when you plug it in by allowing your devices charge for a limited time and shuts off charging after the selected time you've selected.

Charggee saves you money. A household of many devices could quickly add up to hundreds of pounds, you could save this money for yourself and charggee pays for itself in a short peoriod.

Charggee is GREEN. If we all waste energy by forgetting to unplug our devices when its fully charged, then think of how much energy a street of houses is wasting, think of how much a region in a city is wasting, how much is an entire city wasting? How much could your city save? The fact is that every city is producing more than we actually need if we all waste electricity, this means we could cut down on the amount of carbon we are burning to produce electricity all over the world. This would reduce carbon footprint and global warming. Charggee allows us use only the amount of energy we need to use. Choose Charggee today.

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#12 FanSaves

Fan Saves Love

FanSaves is a revolutionary app that allows fans of professional sports teams to receive discounts and deals from the sponsors of their favourite teams!

We are currently in development and our Kickstarter Campaign will allow us to launch in mid-February with time left in the 2017-18 hockey season to complete valuable research and development with a goal to be in bigger markets beginning in April 2018.

Visit our websiteVisit our Kickstarter Campaign

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#13 shark tooth drywall clips


Humberto Rodriguez is raising funds for SHARK TOOTH DRYWALL CLIPS on Kickstarter! Shark Tooth Drywall clip is The easy Way To Patch A Hole on the wall Without The Use Of Tools or Screws. Now Any one Can Patch A hole.

Shark Tooth Drywall clip is The easy  Way To Patch A Hole on the wall Without The Use Of Tools or Screws. Now Any one Can Patch A hole.

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#15 Autism App Project

CDC Sports Logo

This project, is very dear to my heart. A friend of mine has been suffering from autism since almost the day he was born. I've known him all my life, we both grew up together. After talking to his mom not too long ago about how we could possibly help him and others with autism, she told me about how they have difficulties exercising alone (Of course not everyone has these difficulties). This gave me the idea to create something that would assist them with exercise. I chose an application that is going to work like other workout applications, with the difference that the workout programs will all be made by a sport coach who works everyday with kids suffering from autism helping them exercise. At this stage a couple workouts have already been created and filmed, I've also gotten into contact with an application programmer who will help me with the creation of the app. This app will be completely free of charge and all the money obtained will be used to make it as good as it possibly can be.

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#16 P^th, Algorithm to Free Net. Love Your Mobile Phone Signal?

P^th, Algorithm to Free Net. Love Your Mobile Phone Signal?

Starting at $1 per day, then less than $1 per day. No contract. Turn on and off at whim. Start your non-tech day with the right path.

Here's a section from P^th, Algorithm to free Net:

Humanity & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With the onset of AI, humanity can't afford to fall anymore behind our metal and plastic counterparts. P^th loves tech, even the notions in #AI, but we have to be careful not to misstep here. If we are to survive AI, humanity will need unlimited, uninterrupted access to the Net just to merely access the same knowledge as AI. It's obvious - AI will be wired for the Net and much more in the near future. At a minimum, to save humanity, we must at least have the same unlimited free access to the Net for information and knowledge, especially if things go awry.Note: The Roadmap section illustrates how we get to Free Net. The sections on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blink First may blow your mind.

Please continue to Kickstarter to check us out:

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#18 DNA history: Opening a tomb of four great warriors in Italy

DNA history: Opening a tomb of four great warriors in Italy

We're in the final stages of opening a tomb in Southern Italy with four famous Norman mercenary brothers. One week left until the skeletons of these great warriors emerge.

The Hauteville family was one of the greatest mercenary families in history, and probably the most successfull one. They became kings and lords of Southern Italy, and now we will extract their DNA to see where they originally came from, and who is related to them today!

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#20 SirMixABot Robotic Bartender for the Drinker Tinkerer

Alcoholic Drinks and dispenser

The SirMixABot "Mega" kit comes with everything you need (aside from alcohol of course) to assemble and run your own automated bar.  Simple hand tools such as a screwdriver, alan key, and pliers are all you'll need to put the pieces together.

The automated bar runs on an included wifi board, so you can connect through wireless via smartphone, tablet, or computer.  With 10 slots available the drink list is practically endless, with 1,000+ cocktail combinations available depending on your ingredients.  See a video of SirMixABot in action!

Please visit or see product details on our order page.  Support a new SF based venture that is working hard to deliver you the best home robotic bar in the world - Cheers!

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#21 IRONPEAK : Clear Sight & Clear Sound

IRONPEAK is sports sunglasses with built in bone conduction speakers enables to transmit sound waves to the skull via vibrations.

IRONPEAK is faithful in carrying out the basic function of sunglasses, And, we have added new functions such as listening to music and receiving phone calls, In order to present a new routine.

IRONPEAK is the most adjustable glasses for mountain biking, road biking, marathon, extreme sports and daily life. With this outstanding function, it’s also designed to wear extreme sports and daily life at the same time.

Take every opportunity around you, Take every other step in every day.

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#22 Quokka FPGA IoT Controller

Quokka FPGA IoT Controller


Have you ever tried to program FPGA? Not so simple, huh....

For years, FPGAs have been used for specific applications like networking and video processing, technology only available to small group of hardware engineers. But things are changing now. I am very exited to introduce you to Quokka, my hardware lab rat. It is small FPGA controller which can do things like reading sensors, driving motors, talking to the cloud or mobile phone via WiFi. It comes with easy to use development toolkit and bunch of samples to get you started. Check out KS campaign for more details.

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#24 Mobile Machine Learning: The Complete Masterclass

Mobile Machine Learning Kickstarter Image

Self-driving cars. Artificial intelligence. Genomics. And you.

What do these have in common? They use machine learning, the technology shaping our future. Machine learning isn't a magical concept exclusive to top-level researchers - you can learn it, too!

A powerful tool at your fingertips.

Pledge today to get a massive online course on machine learning (ML), a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on how computers learn from experience to improve how they react in the future.

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  1. If we raise $100’000, we will donate a copy to a student learning employment skills at an employment center. That means a donation to at least 2040 students!

#26 IDNbook – Smart Writing Notebook

Retain your original handwriting, your creative ideas can be share anytime anywhere.

Make use of EMR 3D technology to retain your original paper hand writing on mobile device Android or IOS.Real time transmission or synchronization of your original hand writing notes and sketches by Bluetooth to your smart phones/tablets and cloud.You can further review, edit and refine your original hand written notes and sketches any time with our APP.You can playback every notes, sketches, strokes anytime.Supports exporting various kinds of file formats. (JPG, PNG, PDF)Share to others Apps (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitters, Instagram, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Evernote...etc)

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#27 Tornado Gloves Controller – Universal Wearable Smart Gloves

Kickstarter Image

Tornado is a multifunctional wireless motion controller designed in a form of a glove. It combines functions of MIDI controller, game controller and a manipulation function such as “mouse”. With hand motions, you may create various musical effects, play synth, control your vocal while singing, play games and manage visual patterns.

Review by Gustavo Bravetti Review by Wojciech SzupelakReview by ONUKA


1. DJing. Make music-by-motion experience unlike any other! Be closer to fans, catch their attention and excite them. So not only you will hear your music — you’ll feel it. Create effects while dancing!2. Vocal. Control your vocals with gestures during a live performance. Magic Tornado gloves are vocal processor and effector directly on your hands. This is especially interesting for karaoke systems. Inspire your audience! 3. VJing. Create imagery and visuals in real-time by motions of the Tornado gloves. Perform processing of visual material and move around the stage, simultaneously communicate with the audience. Bring in a story of your music to the light show! 4. Gaming. Play games using Tornado mobile controller. It is very comfortable, you can move around the room or lie on the couch. Especially, the gloves advantage appears when using the 3D glasses and helmets. Since, in this case, a classic keyboard is not visible, Tornado gloves can help you and they will be in your hands. 5. 3D CAD. Control 3D objects in your 3D Studios!

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#28 Podbudy – Your Earphone’s Best Buddy!

Podbudy Headphone Holder

Wouldn’t it be better if your everyday quality earbuds held tightly in your ears during active time? We answered yes, too.

That's why we made Podbudy for the perfect anti-slip fit, come sweat, rain, wear or tear, so you can push yourself to the limits with no hassles.

With a stylish, comfortable and easy-to-use design, Podbudy fits snugly around your ears, and adapts to hold to your earbuds, so that they never move and distract you from your workout again. No more earphone hassles while on the move!

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#29 CircleOne Wireless Charging Power Bank

CircleOne Wireless Charging Bower Bank

CircleOne is stylish designed and support QI standard wireless charging technology power bank.   Feel too attach with power core when charging smart phone with the cable.  Too annoy playing mobile game when phone still charging through cable. CircleOne is just change the way smart phone should be charged. Wireless Charging mobile phone with no cable attach. Try our CircleOne wireless charging  power bank: no cable attach. fast charge and stylish designed. What a great product ! Please visit our kickstarter page  here!

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