Mind For Me – Helping Everyone Make Our World Better – Kickstart (7/29)

Mind For Me - Helping Everyone Make Our World Better - Kickstarter Campaign

Help us help everyone help each other and let's make our world better! http://kck.st/2pwXiIe

Do You Want To Be a Part of Making Our World Better?How Will We Do This?

 By Helping Everyone Help Each Other Promoting Spirit of Community Support Giving People Incentives for Helping Each Other Saving People Money on the “Everyday Things” Pay It Forward Coming Back Two-Fold Make All Lives Easier People and Families Needn’t Be Alone Great Benefits with Inviting Friends Welcoming All People from All Backgrounds Treating All People Fairly and Equally

What Does Mind For Me Do Then?

Mind For Me is a Community Share-Platform, where everyone can easily ask each other for help with childminding, pet sitting,care for loved ones, or simply around the home or garden.

It is fair for everyone by earning and spending KCs (Kind Coins). There is NO CASH at all.  When you join Mind For Me you get KCs to start asking for help as soon as you need it.

KCs can also be earnt by:

 Helping Family, Friends or Others Inviting Others to Mind For Me Special Rewards

Mind For Me keeps this fair for everyone by:

 Calculating KCs automatically Task, time and effort based KCs can not be bought or soldJoin the Mind For Me Movement!

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