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Wow Your Friends With These Unique House Warming Gifts

Let’s be honest, receiving an invite to someone’s housewarming is an honor! But the thought of what to take as a gift can be a challenge! The invite may be from a close friend, a family member, or even a new neighbor that you hardly know yet. Either way, they are welcoming you into their new home and inviting you to help them make it their new living space. How can you show that you appreciate being on the list for the warming of their house and/or yard? Consider a unique housewarming gift that they will remember for years to come.

One way to do this is to source sustainable housewarming gifts to pass to your host on arrival. Yes, make a statement. Sustainable and eco-friendly living is no longer just a buzzword for alternative lifestyle followers living off the grid. Apartment dwellers and people moving into suburban homes alike are keen to pay attention to ways of looking after the world around us. Choose a gift to acknowledge that premise, and the thought and intent behind it are sure to be valued. What’s more, sustainable gifts can be simply stunning.

Plants – The Living Gifts

Forget faux plants, dried or fabric floral arrangements that collect dust, and fresh flowers that will start to wilt the next day. One of the best housewarming gifts ever is a living plant or living flowers. Give an indoor or outdoor plant and it is a truly living gift can last for years. Not only that, you can choose your foliage to reflect the personality or the environment of the recipient.

If your housewarming host is a keen cook and foodie, think about plants that will provide food for their kitchen. Depending on the permanency of the new space, and available outdoor garden space, fruit trees such as lemons and limes can be grown in pots, as well as planted in a garden. Even yummy detoxing berries such as blueberries and raspberries will thrive in a container on a sunny deck or balcony. Fresh herbs to add life and zest to culinary creations will also never go amiss.

For people with a love of all that is flora and fauna, consider indoor or outdoor plants with stunning leaves and flowers. Flowering plants that bloom annually on the anniversary of moving into a residence will be a marker of time in their home and your relationship. For the low maintenance plant lover, check out plants such as succulents, peace lilies, and orchids. These three are all are long-lasting and easy to look after.

In many parts of the world, people are making concerted efforts to plant native trees, shrubs and where they have become depleted. Think about plant species that will thrive in the location of the new home and may be symbolic of a particular era or event.

Inspire Craftiness

If your host enjoys learning new skills and hobbies, perhaps a housewarming gift set or kit that encourages both DIY and resourcefulness will go down well. Yes, you can buy a bottle of wine, and maybe even help your host drink it. You could also think about a Kombucha culture or other type of beverage brewing kit.

For the food lovers among your friends and family, their ideal housewarming gift may be an artisan cheese making kit to make their own parmesan, feta, or homemade halloumi. Look for coconut yogurt kits or gourmet mushroom kits for those who are vegan or dairy-free. Pickle making kits may tickle the fancy of those who like a bit of relish on the side.

Give your host a DIY kit that will help them make their own decorations and accessories to suit their design taste and new space. Look out for kit set art kits to make ornaments, wall art, and decorations. Candle making kits can cater to fans of beeswax or soy candles of various shapes and sizes. For anyone who enjoys a bit of pampering, there are plenty of natural face and body product kits with everything to make your own lotions, potions, and soaps.

Help Replace the Plastic

For someone setting up in a new home with a commute, they might like re-usable coffee cups or drink bottles to head out the door with their coffee or H20 to kick start the day. Someone with kids, or who enjoys a cocktail, the merit of reusable and washable straws will be grasped, literally!

If you live in a country that has already banned single-use plastic bags, chances are you already have a collection of other types of reusable bags. You will also know that you can never have too many reusable bags in your home or your car so you always have something on hand. Look for decorated reusable bags sets to match your host’s personality or interior decor. Look for string or mesh bags for your host to select and store fresh fruit and vegetables.

Choosing a sustainable housewarming give can give both you and your host the feel-good factor that is behind the intent of every housewarming party. What’s that? To have a warm, happy and healthy home!

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